Coffee Shop Blues

Waking up is hard to do…


Spending time at the local artists cafe today. It’s absolutely 37 degrees and beautiful outside!!

Late February teases me with Spring.

Life is a blender. Pick your ingredients. Toss ’em in & taste what happens.

On February 19th, I mailed off my latest creation to The Tribune Towers.

Making the formal request for
Chicago to Smile Daily.

I have this unceasing desire to “individuate.”

So, that I may originate. Contemplate. Get out there & make my way!!
  Get outta my way! : )

My mind opted for wakefulness last night. Now today I am drinking coffee. Slowly.

There comes a time when being self-centered is absolutely appropriate. A friend once said that “nobody dated in med school.”

Doctor is on the Accomplishment List.
In order to help others you must first help your self.

: ) ( : 


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The Smile Daily

Invoking Faith in the Individuated American Spirit 

The American Dream has turned into a nightmare. A lack of jobs, multiple wars, doom & gloom on the daily news. People, the individual, neighbors & communities alike are in need of restored Faith.    

 The Smile Daily is a newspaper styled blog dedicated to joy & contentment. Built with the intention of pushing the “alternative” lifestyle to the forefront of society.

Its Chicago centric focus shines a light on local Happenings, Hot Spots & Heroes. Providing a platform for movers & shakers in one centralized location. Placing a spot light on what’s good, making the information more readily available & easier to find by those who go in search.

Catalyst Conductor of the project, Carly Evans, is firm in her stance that the American Spirit is calling for some love and attention.

Now is the time to begin building our own American Dream. Through the simple act of smiling at a stranger on the street. And, by looking around to find that which is nourishing, right here in my city where it is  accessible & obtainable. Let’s begin by meeting folks where they stand. ” She says.

This is more than just feel good news. TSD is a guide that will invigorate & titillate.

Unable to accept a lobotomized form of happiness TSD has a dedicated section to The Dark Side. Where we will dive deep in exploration of that which lies behind the curtain. Providing readers with magic ninja tricks for getting through the day.

This is a call to all who currently dwell underground. The Smile Daily was built for you! Here is an opportunity to peak our heads up, stand tall & show the world what we’ve got.   Because it feels so good!


Please, join me!! And, Smile Daily.


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Self Historicization

Carly here. With an attempt to put myself in our current historical context.
I am 28 years of age. Graduated college during the hardly heard of economic collapse in 2008– angry as a hornet.

Schooling really is watered down and lacking substance.
At my state school it was well known and accepted that the students refused to read text books. Professors had to learn to work around it. Not one of my classmates had high hopes for their future. The cubicle was calling. And, the college years were for celebrating life/ drowning sorrows.

Today, we are sitting in the midst of a square between Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn. These two planets were conjunct during the height of the sixties.
We could call our current climate a second wave. Which means more are to come.

Everyday I fight addiction. My self Love is on the rise. Still, physical desire is highly honored in this society.

No matter how well I relate to the esoteric world doesn’t change the fact that I’m working my ass off. In a what I refer to as “Argumentative Reality.” Creating what I need to satisfy my needs in this world.

The right attire really helps a person push their agenda at a party. But the right attire never seems to appear. At least in my mind. According to the outside world I get it right every time! All I want is to wear my own individuated uniform– which is much different from the uniform worn by the crowds of individuals“.

Oh! And, I am an “early degree” Capricorn. 9 degrees actually. A point that was given ridiculing attention by the Lord of the Under World for major portions of 2011-12. And, we’re not done visiting that point just yet! 
Nine is a very important number. Think of how the Germans use it. Nein! It marked the painful end before a new beginning could slowly begin. We are here now. Have you noticed? 

As a Super Special Person who is always one step ahead of the game– Pluto provided me an early initiation. The only way he knows how: RAPE

By a man who I knew better than to have as my boyfriend.

I’m too lazy to be an outright radical. Sleeping in the street & protesting do not make much sense to me. Instead, I honor Radical Self Reliance: By  Gardening & pickling. Or, by choosing to be a Figure Model.

My Love Life fits the bill of what’s HOT right now. At the moment it all still feels very hush hush. My intention however is to just Let it Out. All of it. What ever who cares. Right?

This essay reminds me of a most favored quote :

I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. – Frank Costelo 


 : )( : 

Upon Arrival

Evanston Art Center May 22, 2014

Reading through my most recently completed journal book brought me to think of life when I was much younger.
In consideration of how disconnected from my own Self I have been… Actually makes me want to cry!!
Self love is so important. I am blessed to have realized the magnitude of it.
Fully caring for Carly now, I do not look back in disappointment. That girl was lost & looking for answers. Everyone starts by searching in the wrong places which is why it is always found in the last place you look.
Hello! My name is Carly. I was born to shine brightly and to write about my experiences.
Writers live exciting lives. Our work is not our 9-5. And, if what we’re doing is mundane than it is likely that the artist within will portray it vividly.
I am so happy to be who I am right now. Because I am okay with every part of me.
Holy shit! This moment has been a long time coming. I have arrived.
Rise & Shine!
: ) ( :

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Be You. Just Live it Fully.


Our Own Life Has to Be Our Message. -Thich Naht Hanh

Easier said than done.

At least for me the Queen of  lacking in Self-Acceptance.

2013 embarked a course of Speaking My Truth.

Admitting that there is a Problem is the first step to Recovery. That IS the Truth!!

Once upon a time I threw a piece of my Truth on the table for a small group to chew on.  In hindsight, it was more like dishing out a whole box of crackers & saying  Swallow: without water. It would have behooved us all to have started with an appetizer.

The Experience impaired my ability  to move forward with those people. Even after I said that I wouldn’t.

Leading me to some very important Realizations:

  • That I have a tendency to minimalize my own hurt feelings and sadness. Favoring instead a mask of Strength & Courage.
  • My hiding from what’s really there hurts Everyone involved. Stagnating the Relationship.
  • I care WAY too much about what other people think of me. And  in turn become the harshest judge of all. EEK!!
  • **Not speaking my Truth immediately damaged my ability to grow with a nice group of people.
  • I  appreciate Drama. Sometimes go for shock value.

Over the Summer a very wise Teacher said to me:

Do what you’re doing. Just live it fully.

In putting together this blog/site I am here pondering what aspects of my Self should be edited out. YIKES!!

Going one step further– in an effort to Speak My Truth more clearly I adopted a pen name in order to practice sharing my feelings publicly.

Doing it in secret eliminated the fear of being seen as vulnerable. Or, being held accountable for them. These days I’d rather cull it all into the one piece that is me.

NOTE: Emotions are strong!! They will suck you down & in. If you allow them. The ONLY way to have control over your emotions is to simply EXPRESS them. Once you let them out they are gone.

Still, I struggle & find it natural to hold back. Which is totally okay.

Now that I have identified this as my main issue my path has moved to seek out people, places & methods of bringing about a release. Safety First.

Why is all of this apparent tangent rant about emotions important to the title of this post? Well, Thor here believes that most people hide from their true emotions. Ergo, hiding from their true selves.

Wreaking havoc. On the Bodhi & in the Mind.

This Thor knows well how denying your True Being will only Force it to fight back against you. Talk about a Terror!

The real Truth is that most people possess a greater fear to LIVE than they do of dying. Because in order to truly live one must die many times.

Humility is a harsh teacher.

Her Lessons are Always Remembered.

My Life & Being are quite indicative of the Renaissance sweeping over us. It has swept through me & I’ve now come to the realization that my very Existence was set with Intention.

For this moment, ever present. The Experience is what has brought me here.

This site was constructed to represent my Professional Self. Oh, the all encompassing Carly- from this perspective it’s hard to say which parts of me will turn a greater profit.

(These days I’m packing boxes).

One thing is for sure, WRITING, is a quintessential aspect of my being.

Please bare with me as I work to reveal mySelf Truthfully..

Welcome to the Wacky World of Carly!!

: ) ( :

Blogging about Freedom on the El Train

Saturn!! The Nun of the Zodiac has positioned herself in my 3rd house.

The House of friends, neighbor’s, Communications & Short distance travel.

Saturn puts up blocks. Makes you WORK for it! Essentially, setting you up to build something. Yay!

Today, I’m riding the El train two ways. Not a typical event for me. However the forecast appears that it will be more likely in the future.

Or, will it?

I am now working as an Elf.
Elf # 3 @ Gaia’s Delights!
Which is 10.5 miles away from my beach house in the top hat of Chicago.

The weather this week has been beautiful! So, I rode my bike..Yikes!

Ravenswood has many little hills. Today, it was supposed to be cold. Which it is, sort of. If you think 30° is cold and I really don’t.

This whole post began because I wish I rode my bike today!

On the flip side of that feeling I am now blogging. A hobby project that I am always in search of time to do more of.

So, thank you! CTA redline for existing. And, for having a stop on my block.

The Sewing Rebel ladies are meeting me at my house this evening.

The Ultimate Goal is Urban Homesteading!!

: ) ( :

Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it.

When you don't have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.
When you don’t have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.

It is Absolutely Possible!!

Now I’m ready with How to Guide You:

This class will cover two aspects:

1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Steps on developing a structure for success.

Whether it’s getting into the groove of school, finding a job, managing your life as it is, or creating something all your own. This workshop will develop your own self-confidence. 

Join me!! To develop YOUR OWN personal Strategy for Success.

At Trade School Evanston

Next Wednesday from 6-8pm.

The world is ready for you to step up!

Are you?

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Transformation Cover Letter

Two weeks ago, a potential job DROPPED into my lap. The best possible job potential I have ever had the pleasure of being faced with.

Writing the Cover Letter was a REALLY EXCITING Experience. Regardless of the outcome I am Proud of my Work. So, I’d like to Share it with you Here. : )

                                    ( :  October 22, 2013  : )


Carly here, to Transform Reality, Professionally. We met on Sunday. How are you today?

Let us begin with my personal mission:

to Meet Potential

and to Move Further

Recently I submitted a Grant Proposal entitled Grounding Dreams to Reality.

In which, made a public stance as a “Transformational Specialist.” Declared a Call to Action within my Community for Personal and Communal Transformation. In order to Create our Greatest Possible Society: Individuals must Step-Up, Let-Go, & Share their Gifts. Therein lies the process…

Through out my Career I have had Opportunity to Orchestrate Events from Every Aspect.

In 2008, I began by leading groups of Trash Talking Volunteers in Guerilla Garbage Sorting Action.  Educating crowds by the thousands is how I began Networking;  now my Specialty is in Connecting!

Receiving Invitations to oversee “Greening” across the city Enabled Growth. Boosted in 2010 when called to bat for Mindful Metropolis Magazine, Green Festivals & Working Bikes. All at Once,

I was Introduced to a World of Potential and Amazing People!

While being Faced with the Harsh Reality in Light of the Economy. Evolution is Upon Us!

Working Bikes Provided a Home for my Professional Development & Passion: Weaving Connections across the Midwest, Managed a Calendar of Events, Planned, Organized, Social Media, & Booth Space Design. Caused a Notable Increase in the Number of Donations Received, Orchestrated National & International Shipments. Got my Hands Dirty!!  Co-creating Reality

Dedicated to the Pursuit of Personal & Professional Growth.

Keeping an Active Role in Community by Picking and Preparing speakers for Green Festival stages. Promoting Good Food along side GFREEV, Bot Bakery, Arize Kombucha & Edible Alchemy.

Developing a Structure & Foundation with Pedal to the People, Extended My Realm of Qualities & Task Management Abilities.

Priority Attention on my own Vitality:  Dancing Ecstatically, Yoga + Meditation Regularly.

Energy + Intention = Manifestation

: ) ( :

Social Networking Breakfast with BNI

Good morning!

I sang as I rode from Rogers Park to the adorable Golden Apple on the corner of Lincoln & South Port.

To meet a lovely group of Professionals for breakfast at 7am!! A breakfast network called BNI, who this year collectively gathered around 65K by weaving their web of individuals.

Waking up before the Sun is not a regular habit of mine. It has been however, a long standing intention. One that I am now sure I can stick to. Or, at  least meet once weekly.

(Am yawning as I write you. Though in sticking to my boundaries I chose tea over coffee.)

On to business!! This group was very efficient. My buddy Dave, who extended the invitation was looking at his watch as I rode up.

6:25 on the dot!

He and I are both ruled by Time…

Of course, my outfit was a tad more colorful than the typical business attire.  Though, I do feel that I did a GOOD JOB explaining my Bridge Building Business Professional spiel.

And, hurrah!! To me for taking the step forward & volunteering my way into this event for the Opportunity. (It’s Positive Reinforcement to Pat YourSelf on the Back).

Networking is an essential function in forward propulsion.

While in attendance of this breakfast I was remindred of the Importance in Following the Rules. I can’t help but to be colorful! Still, it’s a lot to ask of others to understand that I am a Bridge Building Business Professional.

Life Coach & Consultant came up as “alternatives.”  So, perhaps I will forgo long explanations and simply say  that.

From my stance however, I do like to ask people to think. Furthering conversation and leaving doors open.

Build Bridges, Friends

: ) ( :



Today, I applied to Starbucks. Yesterday I applied to WBEZ Public Radio. How do you feel about Roller Coasters?

: ) ( :

Until yesterday I was lacking a commitment. To MySelf.

Here’s what it is: I AM AWESOME!!

I’ve put in my time towing the line. I am a Professional. What I want- is what I have always wanted for MySelf & that is Success.

My most recent aim before yesterdays was to Grow Up.

I’d say that I’m doing alright on that front. To back it up I applied to Starbucks.

Upon taking this assignment I was forced to Reflect on WHY I was Arresting my own Development.

Guess what came up? A flood of memories! My parents, my neighbors, my aunts & uncle’s all miserable about their day jobs. Coming home tired & upset, exhausted. I wanna cry right now just recalling it.

RIGHT?! Look at our current societal state. Shit is fucked up! People are drowning their sorrows in food, sports, crazy drugs, what else- Avoidance.

I walked the plank to retrieve my college degree in May 2008. Astrology grabbed hold of me that February & somewhere around that time Pluto moved into my Sun Sign of Capricorn…

*As I ramble on here, we are rapidly approaching the 4th! WOW, already? Yep, the 4th tango of Uranus & Pluto on Nov 1st. They’ve been in close relations for months now. Can you feel their presence? The Great Awakener dancing with the Lord of Transformation?

It’s quite likely that somewhere in your life there are bombs blowing off while in another area there exists a deep painful unraveling. That’s how it goes.

If you don’t have these forces truly present in your life yet than I’m sure you have been a Witness.

Luckily, for me November 1st will bring about my FIFTH Pluto portal. The best for last as they say. So, by now I’m pretty use to the depths of my own despair.

What does this have to do with jobs? Employment? Well, to begin I forgot to sign up for the course in college that taught about job searches. Once I was finally on the outside I had no idea where to begin!

So with Grace & Ease I managed to carve a path. Blessings too! Now I’m on the flip side of employment and working to create a structure of stability.

I mean how common throughout history is it that the twenty somethings are unemployed? You don’t hear that everyday. Unless you are this twenty something living here today.

So my Commitment: To Honor MySelf! With a DAY JOB! One that will fuel the flames of my Creativity as opposed to the typical one which is likely to drain the life force from me.

I’ve been walking the entrepreneurial path long enough to know that the air is thick with potential. And, to know how important it is to work within the already existing fabric of society.

Everything I’ve done up and until this point was in preparation for a job! That is exactly what I want.  Traveling Snake Oil Salesman is no life for me!

This place where I am standing is extremely frustrating. I have put in so much effort to build up to what I am today. I’m no good sitting here all alone though.

The Toy Store I applied to told me that I wreaked of desperation after taking one look at my application!

She was right! I am worthy of more. From where I stand though the question is: where will I fit in? Who is worthy of me?! And, how do I find them?

On another note Monday night I sang prayers to God over a microphone asking that he prove his love with a Mercedes Benz. Felt appropriate. He said he’d get the next round.

The kids were all hot & bothered over a bear though:

: ) ( :