The Smile Daily

In pursuit of happiness and in attempt to follow one’s dreams Carly steps forth with a public press release outlining the plans for The Smile Daily. On 7/11 you all get the 411. Please, join her in effort to make the world a better place.

Self Historicization

Hello!! Carly here. With an attempt to put myself in our current historical context. I am 28 years of age. Graduated college during the hardly heard of economic collapse in 2008– angry as a hornet. Schooling really is watered down and lacking substance. At my state school it was well known and accepted that the students refused…

Upon Arrival

After looking back at a life filled with nervous tension and a self-negating mentality… Thor decides she will not live that way anymore. Best feeling ever!

Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it. It is Absolutely Possible!! Now I’m ready with How to Guide You: This class will cover two aspects: 1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer. 2. Steps on developing a structure for success. Whether it’s…

Transformation Cover Letter

Carly’s Cover Letter for Transformation Coordinator at Greenheart. Please, say a Prayer that she receives a phone call soon!


Growing Up means more than applying for a job at Starbucks. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to suck. That’s just how it feels when you’re full of potential with no supportive outlet to release it.