Today, I applied to Starbucks. Yesterday I applied to WBEZ Public Radio. How do you feel about Roller Coasters?

: ) ( :

Until yesterday I was lacking a commitment. To MySelf.

Here’s what it is: I AM AWESOME!!

I’ve put in my time towing the line. I am a Professional. What I want- is what I have always wanted for MySelf & that is Success.

My most recent aim before yesterdays was to Grow Up.

I’d say that I’m doing alright on that front. To back it up I applied to Starbucks.

Upon taking this assignment I was forced to Reflect on WHY I was Arresting my own Development.

Guess what came up? A flood of memories! My parents, my neighbors, my aunts & uncle’s all miserable about their day jobs. Coming home tired & upset, exhausted. I wanna cry right now just recalling it.

RIGHT?! Look at our current societal state. Shit is fucked up! People are drowning their sorrows in food, sports, crazy drugs, what else- Avoidance.

I walked the plank to retrieve my college degree in May 2008. Astrology grabbed hold of me that February & somewhere around that time Pluto moved into my Sun Sign of Capricorn…

*As I ramble on here, we are rapidly approaching the 4th! WOW, already? Yep, the 4th tango of Uranus & Pluto on Nov 1st. They’ve been in close relations for months now. Can you feel their presence? The Great Awakener dancing with the Lord of Transformation?

It’s quite likely that somewhere in your life there are bombs blowing off while in another area there exists a deep painful unraveling. That’s how it goes.

If you don’t have these forces truly present in your life yet than I’m sure you have been a Witness.

Luckily, for me November 1st will bring about my FIFTH Pluto portal. The best for last as they say. So, by now I’m pretty use to the depths of my own despair.

What does this have to do with jobs? Employment? Well, to begin I forgot to sign up for the course in college that taught about job searches. Once I was finally on the outside I had no idea where to begin!

So with Grace & Ease I managed to carve a path. Blessings too! Now I’m on the flip side of employment and working to create a structure of stability.

I mean how common throughout history is it that the twenty somethings are unemployed? You don’t hear that everyday. Unless you are this twenty something living here today.

So my Commitment: To Honor MySelf! With a DAY JOB! One that will fuel the flames of my Creativity as opposed to the typical one which is likely to drain the life force from me.

I’ve been walking the entrepreneurial path long enough to know that the air is thick with potential. And, to know how important it is to work within the already existing fabric of society.

Everything I’ve done up and until this point was in preparation for a job! That is exactly what I want.  Traveling Snake Oil Salesman is no life for me!

This place where I am standing is extremely frustrating. I have put in so much effort to build up to what I am today. I’m no good sitting here all alone though.

The Toy Store I applied to told me that I wreaked of desperation after taking one look at my application!

She was right! I am worthy of more. From where I stand though the question is: where will I fit in? Who is worthy of me?! And, how do I find them?

On another note Monday night I sang prayers to God over a microphone asking that he prove his love with a Mercedes Benz. Felt appropriate. He said he’d get the next round.

The kids were all hot & bothered over a bear though:

: ) ( :


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