Transformation Cover Letter

Two weeks ago, a potential job DROPPED into my lap. The best possible job potential I have ever had the pleasure of being faced with.

Writing the Cover Letter was a REALLY EXCITING Experience. Regardless of the outcome I am Proud of my Work. So, I’d like to Share it with you Here. : )

                                    ( :  October 22, 2013  : )


Carly here, to Transform Reality, Professionally. We met on Sunday. How are you today?

Let us begin with my personal mission:

to Meet Potential

and to Move Further

Recently I submitted a Grant Proposal entitled Grounding Dreams to Reality.

In which, made a public stance as a “Transformational Specialist.” Declared a Call to Action within my Community for Personal and Communal Transformation. In order to Create our Greatest Possible Society: Individuals must Step-Up, Let-Go, & Share their Gifts. Therein lies the process…

Through out my Career I have had Opportunity to Orchestrate Events from Every Aspect.

In 2008, I began by leading groups of Trash Talking Volunteers in Guerilla Garbage Sorting Action.  Educating crowds by the thousands is how I began Networking;  now my Specialty is in Connecting!

Receiving Invitations to oversee “Greening” across the city Enabled Growth. Boosted in 2010 when called to bat for Mindful Metropolis Magazine, Green Festivals & Working Bikes. All at Once,

I was Introduced to a World of Potential and Amazing People!

While being Faced with the Harsh Reality in Light of the Economy. Evolution is Upon Us!

Working Bikes Provided a Home for my Professional Development & Passion: Weaving Connections across the Midwest, Managed a Calendar of Events, Planned, Organized, Social Media, & Booth Space Design. Caused a Notable Increase in the Number of Donations Received, Orchestrated National & International Shipments. Got my Hands Dirty!!  Co-creating Reality

Dedicated to the Pursuit of Personal & Professional Growth.

Keeping an Active Role in Community by Picking and Preparing speakers for Green Festival stages. Promoting Good Food along side GFREEV, Bot Bakery, Arize Kombucha & Edible Alchemy.

Developing a Structure & Foundation with Pedal to the People, Extended My Realm of Qualities & Task Management Abilities.

Priority Attention on my own Vitality:  Dancing Ecstatically, Yoga + Meditation Regularly.

Energy + Intention = Manifestation

: ) ( :


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