Upon Arrival

Evanston Art Center May 22, 2014

Reading through my most recently completed journal book brought me to think of life when I was much younger.
In consideration of how disconnected from my own Self I have been… Actually makes me want to cry!!
Self love is so important. I am blessed to have realized the magnitude of it.
Fully caring for Carly now, I do not look back in disappointment. That girl was lost & looking for answers. Everyone starts by searching in the wrong places which is why it is always found in the last place you look.
Hello! My name is Carly. I was born to shine brightly and to write about my experiences.
Writers live exciting lives. Our work is not our 9-5. And, if what we’re doing is mundane than it is likely that the artist within will portray it vividly.
I am so happy to be who I am right now. Because I am okay with every part of me.
Holy shit! This moment has been a long time coming. I have arrived.
Rise & Shine!
: ) ( :

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