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People always ask: Are you an Artist? The answer is YES!!

Met with a blank stare asking for more. Well what kind of artist are you? I sculpt reality, baby!! 

As an Artist everything I touch is given my own personal creative attention to detail.

I do not limit myself to medians such as oils, acrylic or clay. The world is my canvas. My creative spirit manifests in a multitude of ways.

My aim more than anything is to cultivate an environment which inspires passion, motivates action and is conducive of joy & contentment.

As Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes (2010-2012), I was given ample opportunity to get my creative mojo flowing.

Here is an example, of sculpting reality in the form of a brain pour for a party production!

Party Brainstorm
Party Brainstorm

Don’t Get Stranded

While acting as Shop Mama for Pedal to the People, I was given the opportunity to test my craft in connecting a company to its customer.

PTTP is an on-site cycle service— a phrase coined by yours truly. As a budding business it was important to GET OUT into the world to make money & to raise awareness.

A common trick of the trade is to teach bicycle repair. Particularly in the off season.

Most bike shops teach an overhaul class. Which can be very problematic.

First, you need to be in a bike shop, with a stand, in order  to overhaul a bike. Then you need tools to do it. And time, lot’s of time!!

PTTP was founded with the mentality of bridging the gap between could be cyclists & their bikes. Anything unfamiliar is often seen as intimidating. Plus, everything listed above costs money. The average consumer/ cyclist does not have access to all of that on a regular basis.

SOLUTION? You got it!

Don’t Get Stranded!!

This course was designed to be rider friendly. Really!

Simple tricks & tips to keep a bike going. Including the know how to get you back on the road in case of an emergency. With a $20 multi-tool available for sale.

The class is a hit!

Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange
Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange

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The Smile Daily

Invoking Faith in the Individuated American Spirit 

The American Dream has turned into a nightmare. A lack of jobs, multiple wars, doom & gloom on the daily news. People, the individual, neighbors & communities alike are in need of restored Faith.    

 The Smile Daily is a newspaper styled blog dedicated to joy & contentment. Built with the intention of pushing the “alternative” lifestyle to the forefront of society.

Its Chicago centric focus shines a light on local Happenings, Hot Spots & Heroes. Providing a platform for movers & shakers in one centralized location. Placing a spot light on what’s good, making the information more readily available & easier to find by those who go in search.

Catalyst Conductor of the project, Carly Evans, is firm in her stance that the American Spirit is calling for some love and attention.

Now is the time to begin building our own American Dream. Through the simple act of smiling at a stranger on the street. And, by looking around to find that which is nourishing, right here in my city where it is  accessible & obtainable. Let’s begin by meeting folks where they stand. ” She says.

This is more than just feel good news. TSD is a guide that will invigorate & titillate.

Unable to accept a lobotomized form of happiness TSD has a dedicated section to The Dark Side. Where we will dive deep in exploration of that which lies behind the curtain. Providing readers with magic ninja tricks for getting through the day.

This is a call to all who currently dwell underground. The Smile Daily was built for you! Here is an opportunity to peak our heads up, stand tall & show the world what we’ve got.   Because it feels so good!


Please, join me!! And, Smile Daily.


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A Romance Story: One heard often in City Living

Tuesday Night, enter my room, 10:30 p.m.

Rainy in Rogers Park., Tuesday, June 10th 2014
Rainy in Rogers Park., Tuesday, June 10th 2014.


CrickCrick, CrickCrick, CrickCrick, CrickCrick–

But it’s Tuesday. 

These creaking intervals & level of  creak crick intensity. Particularly, those quick crickety creaks, indicate that Tuesday is a new night to stay out. Or, to listen to music loudly.

Now, no sound.

No more creaking comes from up above.

There’s a new man! with Lucky Lady, Upstairs.

Or, by the sound of it, maybe not so much.

My imagination drifts to the scenes taking place up above me.

“Oooh, it’s okay.” Pats softly on his belly. Or, would she? Sounds more like a cheer leader than one who gives Constructive Criticism. I wonder: did her  Mother ever know any Better…

Too bad his Father never showed him how to do it differently.  He may not have known either. His sons will. Daughters too!

I am reminded of my own fleeting frigidity. Encounters such as these stand as trophies of my Self Imposed Celibacy. Not so much from the fear of being fucked. No, I wise enough!! To stay away in knowing how bad it would suck. Most likely.

Of course there was that burn of a bang which left a Big Scar. Not so sizzling hot.

Matters of the Mind…

Wednesday Afternoon–  my office downstairs, 5:20 p.m.

Grim faced old man approaches the window via stairway. Does he know about Mr. Tuesday? 

He wouldn’t smile at me anyway.

My heart goes out to the Lucky Lady, Upstairs. Not one of those men Love Her Right. Not from my viewpoint


Click click, click click. Click click, click click.           Heal click click toe. Heal, toe- click click, heal, toe, click click. Click click, click click. Oh! How the high healed heal toe clicks as the heal toe high heals of Lucky Lady, move up the paved walkway.

She should know how to take control.

How to gently coax some sort of bedroom negotiation… Why does she just take it?

Her pained, thought filled face grabs me. My gaze goes down her deep V neck. Baring her pale fleshed breasts, framed by a cotton red dress.

She is Voluptuous.


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CARLY is the Structure Constructor who invites you to C : me (see me) Bridge Build Business Professionally, Consult Closets for Confidence & Comfortability. Write & Smile Daily.

When you don't have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.
When you don’t have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.

Carles Blog Bio Draft 2010

 The plan is to establish communication structures that lead to active participation. Communication is a dialogue. Please join the conversation! 

Carles Blog began in the Fall of ’09 as a personal project with a few intentions in mind: to keep me focused on my overarching intentions and goals, to act as an easily accessible cure for boredom, to open myself up in order to find other people of a similar nature, and to act as an easy reference for potential collaborators/employers. To date, it’s been successful!

This blog is me in a nutshell. Most everything I get into I blog about, so it’s kind of all over the place.  To see what I’m into, start by checking out who I follow on Twitter.

Site Stats

As everything else in my life, it’s a work in progress- but it draws a decent picture. Essentially, I’m working towards self-betterment in order to achieve world betterment. Sometimes it’s a juggle between the two.

The old foundation is still being ripped up, so that the new pillars have a stronger foundation on which to stand. 

I’m serious.  I like to have a jolly good time. I struggle.

No one is perfect, if you’ve reached perfection you wouldn’t be reading my blog or any other blog for that matter. Some of what is said here is stated for the pure fact that I need to drill it into my own brain.

Sometimes I later disagree with my own arguments.

A bit rough around the edges, I used to swear here because I swore everywhere else. I’ve learned that it’s not that good to swear. Even though the word FUCK is sooooo colorful! So, I’m working on peppering in other language that ‘s just as decorative.

I do edit my posts. And, I always feel its best to have an outside editor. In this case, there’s none available. Please forgive any misspellings or punctuation errors. They usually occur in the case of changing the way a thought is phrased.

During my down time, I learn how to cook, bake, & sew.

I whole heartedly believe that food is medicine. While cooking I wonder if my attitude towards it ever causes others to wonder whether or not I am a witch. I really do dream of being Susie Homemaker!

Though in my daydream, I always have a house in the back where I can retreat to be alone. 

The word “I” is most likely one of my least favorite to use- EVER! It is a constant goal to be more creative, since it is assumed that since I am writing it, that it is my opinion!

I LOVE self expression and communication!

Graduating college in the Spring of ’08 just as the economy went KERPLUNK! Actually, opened me up to a world of experiences and opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. My career has plumped out nicely to be just that- a career. 

One that is fully committed to the complete overhaul & rejuvenation of:

Dear Mother Earth

The world of business– particularly in areas of morality

Personal SELF betterment

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Life Drawing Workshop

Ready to get the Lead Out? 

Don Owen Colley
Don Owen Colley

 Draw life to live drum beats on Sunday May 25th 1-4pm at the Ribcage from 3036 N. Lincoln, 3rd Fl., Walk Up

We will begin by loosening up with quick one & five minute poses.  Working out the kinks to longer sets of 15, 25 and onward…

You do not need to be a super duper  drawer to attend. 

This is in promotion of Self Acceptance.

Which is why you are invited to join me!!

Drop your name in the hat as you enter to hop on stage for Partner Poses. 

Art supplies will be on deck.
Snacks & Donations welcome. 

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Chicago Figure Model is a new division of Structure Constructor promoting important aspects of the Self:      
Self Worth, Self Reliance, Self Sustainability, Self Care, Self Acceptance, Self Assertion, Self Love & Self Esteem! 

Working in conjunction with a Return to Center through Artistic Values.

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Poetic Skill Sets

In October of 2013, I challenged myself to complete Structure Constructor’s place holder website in one week. Mission Accomplished. 
Growing as both an individual & in professionalism my intent is to have the pages of this site demonstrate my maturity.

What was created at that time however is worth keeping on display, somehow. Here is a piece from before. What I’m good at. Highlighted. Written with fluidity.

  • Engaging
  • Public Representation
  • Networking Extraordinaire
  • Watch eye
  • Writer
  • Social Media Speaker
  • Operator
  • Inquisitive
  • Observant
  • Strategist
  • Takes good notes
  • Backboard. For Brainstorming!!
  • Stepping Stones
  • Creative Solutionist
  • Crafty Frugality ask me about Sheboygan!
  • : )