Coffee Shop Blues

Waking up is hard to do…


Spending time at the local artists cafe today. It’s absolutely 37 degrees and beautiful outside!!

Late February teases me with Spring.

Life is a blender. Pick your ingredients. Toss ’em in & taste what happens.

On February 19th, I mailed off my latest creation to The Tribune Towers.

Making the formal request for
Chicago to Smile Daily.

I have this unceasing desire to “individuate.”

So, that I may originate. Contemplate. Get out there & make my way!!
  Get outta my way! : )

My mind opted for wakefulness last night. Now today I am drinking coffee. Slowly.

There comes a time when being self-centered is absolutely appropriate. A friend once said that “nobody dated in med school.”

Doctor is on the Accomplishment List.
In order to help others you must first help your self.

: ) ( : 


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Status Report: UpDate

Everybody smokes. 

Walking towards the Royal Café today. Where I now sit. Everybody was smoking cigarettes.

The workman outside my front door were chugging down the smokey smokes as I left my house. Drivers in their cars pulling out sticks at stop lights. Men sipping that caffeinated goodness a few tables behind me. Folks just cruisin’ on foot puff away at the stuff. My mother drags on one and I can hear it through the intercom of the telephone.

Today, everybody smokes. Except me.


** Recently made a move up to the beautiful Rogers Park, in Chicago!!

I am officially in Dreamland.

And, I plan on posting from here regularly.

I am a Structure Constructor, Bridge Builder, Closet Consultor extraordinaire. The stage is finally set for me to move forward. This is a very exciting time!!

(The woman sitting at a table in front of me has appropriately lit up a cigarette in honor of finishing her meal. : )

: ) ( :