Venus Retrograde YouTube for BREATHE

Back in April of 2020, during the pandemic, when the world exploded. When people in the U.S. took the streets to protest that Black Lives Matter. Venus (the planet) who rules values, and the first thing we put value on is ourselves… Was doing a deep dive into the underworld. I

If you know me, you know that I AM SO SHY! Still, I was on TV anyway & lots of people watched. Because, Astrology, is kind of a big deal these days….


Crisis Support Hotline

Hiding within every crisis is a golden opportunity waiting to be harvested.

Of course, a crisis is still traumatic, painful, or difficult. And, it can be hard to find the light when you’re stuck beneath a pile of rubble.

Rest assured, this is a dreams really do come true manifestation, and you’re probably just like every other Human, who needs a little ignition to get the change going.

So, let’s take a moment to breathe. And, feel free to vent every last drop of “oh! whoa is me.”

Then, together we’ll call in a moment of clarity.

Our tool-kit for this is stocked with only the best!

Astrology, Tarot, and Guided Meditation.

Calls are limited to 1 Hour.

If you wish to have your chart read, please provide your Time, Date & Place of birth.

May the force be with you,

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Astrology Basics Class

Astrology is a symbolic language, meant to act as a Heavenly roadmap for our Earthly lives. Carly is teaching two, separate Basics classes, in March.

In this workshop we will learn the key components of the Zodiac. Then apply that information to gain an in-depth perspective of our personality, through the Sun, Moon and Rising a.k.a the Ascendant.

We will learn about the almighty Polarities & Quadruplicities. (Big words, simple concepts). Then lay down the elemental groundwork: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We will journey around & around the wheel of the Zodiac as we discuss the Planets, the Signs and Houses. All the while making special note of their interwoven correlations.

All the while keeping to a super simple, easy to grasp, conversational format.

Getting a grip on Astrology is a lot like grade school mathematics, it requires memorization and a recognition of patterns.

Participants need to have their printed birth charts, on hand. These can be obtained for FREE at using your Time, Date & Place of Birth.

This $20 class, which will have you feeling like a pro! And, you have two opportunities in March to get educated on this very important Astrological framework.

3/10 : At the Space, in Ravenswood, from 1-4pm

3/30 : At Yoga Tree, in Andersonville, from 2:30-5:30pm

I am actually, exploding with excitement, as I create the lesson plan for this class. So, seriously, jump on it!

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Imagination Explorations

Imagination, is defined as the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.  It is also referred to, as the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images, or concepts, not present to the senses.  

Imagination Explorations is an invitation to actively engage with the imagination.  

Let’s close our eyes and listen in, as we are read aloud fantastic stories. Myths, fables, and fairy-tales, are all born from the very pools of the Imaginal Realm.

The character’s and stories, from mythic tales, possess a universal quality, one that is able to spark a deep inner-knowing, within each one of us. Therefore illuminating pieces of ourselves, which may not otherwise step into the light.  Each story is carefully selected with this in mind.

We begin our exploratory journey, be getting present to our breath and, by feeling into our body. This practice will keep our minds from wandering. Once we are fully present, participants are invited to relax and to recline. Stories are read aloud while listener’s have their eyes closed.

This allows us to tap into the magical world that exists within our minds.

After each short story, we will have a Socratic, group conversation, to share our individual experiences. Each story will have its own question prompts, to engage the audience in conversation. Not all stories have a happy ending…

Imagination Explorations, is dedicated to children, to the World of Imagination, and most importantly, to the A.D.D. laden generation.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world–stimulating progress & giving birth to evolution.” – Einstein

“Every perception enters an imaginal file” Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems & is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process. (Oxford)

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Pluto initiated me into the world of Astrology in 2008, when he entered my early Sun sign of Capricorn. When I went looking for answers to my inner-turmoil, I stumbled upon the stars, and soon my guide-map towards salvation became my very own birth chart.

The long journey began down a deep dark Plutonian cavern.

My experience with the planets is more than just on paper— I actually do, have a cosmic connection to them.

Careful, if you’re ever going to try a call and response conversation with the Universe.  The stakes are much higher than one may suspect–

In early Spring of 2011, I rode my bike one night through the city streets, curious to know more about how Uranus’ transit through Aries would be– when suddenly, two taxi’s were colliding, & spiraling– glass breaking & flying into tiny little pieces all around me.

Luckily, I made it to the sidewalk safely. The one passenger went to the hospital with reported spinal damage.

Once my eyes were clear of debris, both myself and the two taxi-driver’s (each of different heritage) all bonded over God’s blessings. For that was a situation which could have been much worse for all of us.  Of course, the police didn’t see it like that.

When involving oneself with “the forces that be” the only way to reach the next step is to level up, in the world of reality!

Which is why I like to play “Saturn Says.”

Saturn, being the disciplinarian, only hard-worker’s are even willing to throw their hat onto his rings.

Much less step-up to his call. But in the end, we must or he will break your balls!

From 2013-2016 I shared a household with a real-life Shaman. One who had his own practice, understanding of, even language to identify with the mystical forces of Universe.

The weighted concepts of in-depth psychology, were basically the small-talk at breakfast. We also had a library which I picked away at.

In no other practice can you look at an aspect, then open a book to see your very own conundrums spelled out in black and white. The key to redemption is first recognition, that we are the gatekeeper’s to our own salvation.

I believe that daily horoscopes are blasphemous.

Last year, I was a weekly call-in to a radio show to discuss the planetary weather.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017, ushered in a number of clients for Carly the Astrologer. The page turning experiences as well as the people who arrived at her door, made me aware that I am  particularly well-geared to assist those in working through sexual trauma, and child abuse.

The eclipse let me know, just how deep I’d have to go, in order to do this job for real. Now, clients keep on coming! And, it’s all through word of mouth marketing.

As an Astrologer, I have been floored to learn about the terrible experiences that life has to offer. And, in the same turn, love how Astrology is there to shed deeper meaning behind life’s hardships.

As a Structure Constructor, I am dedicated to developing stable frameworks that will withstand the test of (Saturn’s) time. Here, it is my mission to build sturdy foundations, on the inside!

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BREATHE: July 12th-15th

Well Kids! It’s almost time to BREATHE again.

This year, I have no official position & am in charge of nothing. Huzzah!! 

BREATHE Festival, or Gathering, as we are referring to it now, in order to deter the rando-drug dealers who showed up last year pushing their way through the campsites– is by far THE BEST event of ever (for me).

Last year, I orchestrated a Staff n’ Crew Kitchen with a mighty team of three. We fed 30-50 for nearly a week.  Feeding big groups is no small matter. It was a lot of work. And, an amazing way to get to know all-of-the-people.

Thanks to BREATHE, my own brand of magic has made itself aware to me.

In 2016, long before there ever was a #MeToo Movement, I promised my Sister a pond side card reading. The moment we began to pull cards, women flocked, like geese over to our table.

As each one arrived, I invited them to pick a card. And, sat in shock&awe as each one of them opened up to our growing circle about their own (very personal) horror stories.

From that day forward the thought that rings through my head is: “If I’d only known that my own “MeToo” moment would one day lead me to guiding others through it, would I have handled it any better?” Probably not.. However, given how since that day– people who’ve experienced sexual assault miraculously find their way to me, it must mean that I’ve done “the work.”

Even if it’s taken what feels like forever. And, there’s still more to be done…

We were all relieved when the last women who joined us, threw into the pot her “dreams really do come true” story with a grand of fly away finale.

My Sister, never pulled a card, or even said a word. But it definitely spoke to her…

That day, was my first time reading cards publicly. Today, I hold it down every Thursday at Shadow Emporium, in Pilsen. We definitely dive in deep over there. And, it’s the hottest potato on my grill right now. & I LOOOVE IT!!  So, be sure to call ahead and book an appointment.

This is also the first year, in awhile, where I am not leading a workshop… For the past two, I’ve lead groups into the great abyss, better known as the Dream Realm, so that they may better know themselves.

Thanks to these experiences, I now have a bit of a following… And, was well-equipped with experience in leading guided meditations, a bit further down the road, when I needed it!

Guided, at least until I decide it’s time to leave you alone to wander through the darkness..

Last year, I spent most of BREATHE in a window-less kitchen. This was my own doing. I could have abandoned ship at any minute. But, I’m so glad I stuck with it. For one thing, I now know EVERYONE. And, their dietary preferences.

So, while it feels strange to be headed towards BREATHE without an official position– maybe this year I’ll finally learn what it means to “slack off”.

Yuck, yuck!

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Ladies Day Treat:: Aug 25th

Hey! I’ve been invited to host a workshop @ Starved Rock. Huzzah!!

Here’s the write-up:

It is not enough to dream the dream, in order for the alchemy to take hold, we must take the keys, take the step, or even take the bull by the horns in order to invoke the agents of change to take hold of our lives.

As we gather, the Moon is but a heartbeat away from full bloom, in the misty sign of Divine Consciousness, Pisces.

While Mars, the planet of the Divine Masculine stands behind her, having spent the past TWO MONTHS in backwards motion– needling his way into hot-headed situations, forcing his way into our lives, & testing our ability to act with compassion.

Anger and aggression are simply a misaligned Masculine– a wise man once said, the best way to serve himself is in devout service to the Feminine.

This particular lunation, is a hot bed of potential for inward transformation. So, let us take a moment to dive within to consider that which in our lives is in need of realigned actions.

Then, to prove to the Heavens, that we as women are worthy of harnessing the power of the Masculine– we will take smashing action!

Included of course will be Astrologically inspired conversation.

Now here is a link for more information!!

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Master Un-Packer

Packing is one of my strong suits.

Bikes, clothes, cars for week-long camping trips– even moving has become a specialty, given how often it’s been occurring lately.

As an Astrologer, however, I get to practice being an Un-Packer– which I enjoy much better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What does it mean to un-pack something?

Well, it means that we get to talk about it.

Pull out, whatever it is, that’s been stuffed up inside of you.

Look at it, and pull it apart, piece by heavenly piece.

It’s a lot of fun!

Then, once it’s out, it’s out!! And, you’re free to move about without all that stuff weighing you down.

: ) ( :