Areas of expertise:

As a Bridge Building Business Professional, my areas of expertise include:

– Establishing Alliances & Partnerships

Carly Evans at Bhakti Fest with Arize Kombucha, 2013
Lounge Manager for Arize Kombucha at Bhakti Fest, 2013

-Crafting messages for specific audiences

-Employing various methods of message spreading

-Message Conveying via. word of mouth, at events, through signage, and on-line

-Structure building, i.e. implementing methods of performing tasks

-Plan development & execution

Skills, knowledge & expertise in the areas of:

Event Production, Communications Consulting, Trend Prediction, Social Media, Fashion, Guerrilla Marketing, Chicago’s Green Industry, Organization & all around  Communication

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Solving the Mystery of Wow Frequency

Spotted! At my new coffee stop.
Spotted! At my new coffee stop.

Betty Bot of Bot Bakery spotted her besty hanging on the wall while on the town one day in June.

The Lady quickly informed that she may have found a familiar faced portrait in a public space…

Upon hearing her Friend’s report Curious Carly concluded that she had just enough time in between gigs to investigate.

Off she rode! Headed west on Nomade.

As she neared the vicinity its scenery became increasingly familiar. Yes, North & Western is where it intersects. Yet!!

“This is a spot that I have come to frequent.”

Ah ha! Now this puzzle is beginning to make sense.

Upon entering Cup & Spoon, Carly found the folks to be quite friendly. Offering her water once she explained that it was too late in the day for coffee. Sharing in her excitement to be prominently displayed in a hip new space.

Come look closer at Tom Robinson’s portrait of her at 2415 W. North Ave., in Chicago. Celebrate the opening & the Wow Frequency  this Friday June 20th from 6-10pm .

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Life Drawing Workshop

Ready to get the Lead Out? 

Don Owen Colley
Don Owen Colley

 Draw life to live drum beats on Sunday May 25th 1-4pm at the Ribcage from 3036 N. Lincoln, 3rd Fl., Walk Up

We will begin by loosening up with quick one & five minute poses.  Working out the kinks to longer sets of 15, 25 and onward…

You do not need to be a super duper  drawer to attend. 

This is in promotion of Self Acceptance.

Which is why you are invited to join me!!

Drop your name in the hat as you enter to hop on stage for Partner Poses. 

Art supplies will be on deck.
Snacks & Donations welcome. 

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Chicago Figure Model is a new division of Structure Constructor promoting important aspects of the Self:      
Self Worth, Self Reliance, Self Sustainability, Self Care, Self Acceptance, Self Assertion, Self Love & Self Esteem! 

Working in conjunction with a Return to Center through Artistic Values.

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Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it.

When you don't have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.
When you don’t have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.

It is Absolutely Possible!!

Now I’m ready with How to Guide You:

This class will cover two aspects:

1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Steps on developing a structure for success.

Whether it’s getting into the groove of school, finding a job, managing your life as it is, or creating something all your own. This workshop will develop your own self-confidence. 

Join me!! To develop YOUR OWN personal Strategy for Success.

At Trade School Evanston

Next Wednesday from 6-8pm.

The world is ready for you to step up!

Are you?

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Tailor Baked Goods

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Here is a slideshow from The Vintage Bazaar on August 12, 2012.

Playing dress up is certainly one of my favorite past times, this show demonstrates that point clearly. Betty & I celebrated this event by wearing our last day at the beach wear. Typical of a last beach day it was cloudy & cool. But we didn’t care! TVB, August truly was a great time.

Now we’re ready for Fall & will be back once more, this time at the Renegade Craft Fair!!

See you soon!!

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Renegade Vintage

renegade craft fair, the vintage bazaar, bot bakery, structure constructor, carly evans
( : me at Wolcott & Division

( : me [pronounced see me] is teaming up with Betty Bot once again to take on The Vintage Bazaar at Renegade Craft fair on  September 8&9.

We ladies sure to have fun together!

My goal for this show: to SELL OUT!!
More on this later, for now it is suffice to say that the selling of garments has been a fun learning experience & it is not a career path that I wish to pursue any further.

For now though, I’ve got some great stuff that’s in need of new home!

Come n’ get it!

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