Areas of expertise:

My “Areas of Expertise” was taken down as a page on this here blog. This info does a good job of describing me. Keeping it as a post helps me to have it for future reference. : ) ( :

Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map

Carly applies for an Art Grant from BURN ( to display a heat map of wholesome goodness in Chicago. In an effort to progress her Pursuit of Happiness: The Smile Daily.


Upon learning of the potential that her portrait may be on public display Curious Carly explores further and reports her findings.

Life Drawing Workshop

Draw life to live drum beats on Sunday May 25th at the Ribcage from 1-4pm.
3036 N. Lincoln, 3rd Fl.,

Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it. It is Absolutely Possible!! Now I’m ready with How to Guide You: This class will cover two aspects: 1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer. 2. Steps on developing a structure for success. Whether it’s…

Tailor Baked Goods

Here is a slideshow from The Vintage Bazaar on August 12, 2012. Playing dress up is certainly one of my favorite past times, this show demonstrates that point clearly. Betty & I celebrated this event by wearing our last day at the beach wear. Typical of a last beach day it was cloudy & cool….

Renegade Vintage

Hello!! ( : me [pronounced see me] is teaming up with Betty Bot once again to take on The Vintage Bazaar at Renegade Craft fair onĀ  September 8&9. We ladies sure to have fun together! My goal for this show: to SELL OUT!! More on this later, for now it is suffice to say that…