Venus Retrograde YouTube for BREATHE

Back in April of 2020, during the pandemic, when the world exploded. When people in the U.S. took the streets to protest that Black Lives Matter. Venus (the planet) who rules values, and the first thing we put value on is ourselves… Was doing a deep dive into the underworld. I If you know me,…

Crisis Support Hotline

Hiding within every crisis is a golden opportunity waiting to be harvested. Of course, a crisis is still traumatic, painful, or difficult. And, it can be hard to find the light when you’re stuck beneath a pile of rubble. Rest assured, this is a dreams really do come true manifestation, and you’re probably just like…

Astrology Basics Class

Astrology is a symbolic language, meant to act as a Heavenly roadmap for our Earthly lives. Carly is teaching two, separate Basics classes, in March. In this workshop we will learn the key components of the Zodiac. Then apply that information to gain an in-depth perspective of our personality, through the Sun, Moon and Rising…

Imagination Explorations

Imagination, is defined as the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.  It is also referred to, as the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images, or concepts, not present to the senses.   Imagination Explorations is an invitation to actively engage with the imagination.   Let’s close our eyes and listen…


Carly’s initiation into Astrology Story, as written for an AFAN scholarship in 2017.

BREATHE: July 12th-15th

Carly has nothing to do but BREATHE this year. She reflects on what’s transpired as a result of year’s past.

Ladies Day Treat:: Aug 25th

Carly has been invited to host a workshop! On August 25th, 2018 she’ll lead a group of women towards better knowing the power of the Divine Masculine. You’re invited too!! Huzzah!! : ) ( :

Master Un-Packer

Pack it up, pack it in… Nope! Let’s take it out and talk about it instead. : ) ( :