Sound. Bite

People remember sound bites.

What is a sound bite?

A sound bite is a small piece of audio material.


It doesn’t matter how long or, profound a speech, movie or even relationship is. It’s the take away that counts.

I’ll be back.

Fuck you, I’m out!

Even, I have a Dream!

While this notion of a sound bite is a media concept its integrity holds True in Real Life too.

For example, my Grandfather will always be remembered for saying:

You know somethin’? I Love You!

It’s quite possible that for the rest of my Life I will only remember him saying this.

On another topic. Anger decreases an IQ by 20% (or more).

Be very careful of what you say and to whom you speak it to.

It is a true tragedy to spend an  insurmountable time investing in something only to quickly speak words that you will forever regret.

Choose words wisely   &
Create positive nibblers for folks to remember.

: ) ( :



Social Networking Breakfast with BNI

Good morning!

I sang as I rode from Rogers Park to the adorable Golden Apple on the corner of Lincoln & South Port.

To meet a lovely group of Professionals for breakfast at 7am!! A breakfast network called BNI, who this year collectively gathered around 65K by weaving their web of individuals.

Waking up before the Sun is not a regular habit of mine. It has been however, a long standing intention. One that I am now sure I can stick to. Or, at  least meet once weekly.

(Am yawning as I write you. Though in sticking to my boundaries I chose tea over coffee.)

On to business!! This group was very efficient. My buddy Dave, who extended the invitation was looking at his watch as I rode up.

6:25 on the dot!

He and I are both ruled by Time…

Of course, my outfit was a tad more colorful than the typical business attire.  Though, I do feel that I did a GOOD JOB explaining my Bridge Building Business Professional spiel.

And, hurrah!! To me for taking the step forward & volunteering my way into this event for the Opportunity. (It’s Positive Reinforcement to Pat YourSelf on the Back).

Networking is an essential function in forward propulsion.

While in attendance of this breakfast I was remindred of the Importance in Following the Rules. I can’t help but to be colorful! Still, it’s a lot to ask of others to understand that I am a Bridge Building Business Professional.

Life Coach & Consultant came up as “alternatives.”  So, perhaps I will forgo long explanations and simply say  that.

From my stance however, I do like to ask people to think. Furthering conversation and leaving doors open.

Build Bridges, Friends

: ) ( :