Astrology Basics Class

Astrology is a symbolic language, meant to act as a Heavenly roadmap for our Earthly lives. Carly is teaching two, separate Basics classes, in March.

In this workshop we will learn the key components of the Zodiac. Then apply that information to gain an in-depth perspective of our personality, through the Sun, Moon and Rising a.k.a the Ascendant.

We will learn about the almighty Polarities & Quadruplicities. (Big words, simple concepts). Then lay down the elemental groundwork: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We will journey around & around the wheel of the Zodiac as we discuss the Planets, the Signs and Houses. All the while making special note of their interwoven correlations.

All the while keeping to a super simple, easy to grasp, conversational format.

Getting a grip on Astrology is a lot like grade school mathematics, it requires memorization and a recognition of patterns.

Participants need to have their printed birth charts, on hand. These can be obtained for FREE at using your Time, Date & Place of Birth.

This $20 class, which will have you feeling like a pro! And, you have two opportunities in March to get educated on this very important Astrological framework.

3/10 : At the Space, in Ravenswood, from 1-4pm

3/30 : At Yoga Tree, in Andersonville, from 2:30-5:30pm

I am actually, exploding with excitement, as I create the lesson plan for this class. So, seriously, jump on it!

: ) ( :


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