Rev. Carly Evans, is a natural Reader, who is well versed in the laws and language of the Universe. 

She earned a B.F.A. in Public Relations from Local State University in 2008. 

And began her course of study in Astrology, shortly thereafter.

Then, in 2010 the Universe began to engage her in conversation…  

Carly believes in cultivating confidence from its roots. 

She knows that true change, is not a quick fix. That it must sprout from a place that is planted deep within.  

And that simple adjustments + routine alignment are important components in curating the steps towards success.

As a result of utilizing these tools, she has become the rock, which the waves break against. 

Now, she is here to guide those brave and willing voyagers, as they make their way through the darkness. Let us remember, that the dark is a potent fertilizer. 

Carly is also a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

Please, be in touch! 

& May the Force be with you,

: ) ( :