Accepting Avoidance

Bear in mind we’re doing “throw back posts” right now. This one originated in February 2013.WOW! Since then I am able to work in un-kept surroundings in order to reach my goals. I also have more elaborate thoughts on why we avoid getting to our most toughest tasks. But for now. Read this & we will re visit the matter sooner rather than later. : )

Members Only

Sculptor of Reality: defining my own artistic identity. Paired with an example of the creative initiatives I was able to take while acting as Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes.

2013 Plan

Structure Constructor lives for a good plan. It’s good to know what you’re going for. Here is what was written for 2013.

New Title

Carly steps up her game on the societal platform. Taking on a new title. This one is Forever…


Brief description of Carly’s professional portfolio

How to Apply for a J.O.B.

Here are examples of a Cover Letter & Resume with References. In line with Spring I am clearing out what is no longer needed. These works are a job  well done. So they are being posted for the public in PDF file format. CommunityOutreachCarly CARLY+BentonHouseHappiness : ) ( : 

Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it. It is Absolutely Possible!! Now I’m ready with How to Guide You: This class will cover two aspects: 1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer. 2. Steps on developing a structure for success. Whether it’s…

Transformation Cover Letter

Carly’s Cover Letter for Transformation Coordinator at Greenheart. Please, say a Prayer that she receives a phone call soon!