Accepting Avoidance

Avoidance is a road block on the path to completion.

One that we all face.

Welcome, to Monday!! It’s almost 4 o’clock and I’ve been busy the majority of the day. Laundry, breakfast, dishes, eliminating paper items. Avoiding my inbox.

Everybody has their own system of “task management.”

One fellow Enterpriser insists on cleaning the kitchen before settling into his office to get down to business. As a Capricorn Sun, with Virgo in my 1st House, I am absolutely unable to “Get to Work!” until my surroundings are clean. 

Beyond even this most basic of avoidance methods. The number one reason that drives me to my blog most frequently is the ability to avoid diving into the more serious of projects.

WHY?!? Do we work so hard at keeping ourselves away from that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Probably because we don’t think of it like that.

In terms of accomplishment that is.

(Btw. I just went & washed two days worth of dishes before jotting the last two paragraphs).

So, here is an idea- use chores to break up the heavy work. Rather than as an excuse to stay away from it.

My two days of dishes took all of 13 minutes to make clean and I wiped down the counter!

The pause from my work allowed  me to think about what was going to come next. It also gave me the opportunity to get up off of my seat.

Another way to tackle your big tasks is to break them down. For example, before selling buttons on e-bay I first dedicated an afternoon to sorting them. I also just took the time to label my calendar book to make flipping through months an easier task.

Good Luck, ya’ll!!

I’m ready to jump into what matters.

: )


Members Only

People always ask: Are you an Artist? The answer is YES!!

Met with a blank stare asking for more. Well what kind of artist are you? I sculpt reality, baby!! 

As an Artist everything I touch is given my own personal creative attention to detail.

I do not limit myself to medians such as oils, acrylic or clay. The world is my canvas. My creative spirit manifests in a multitude of ways.

My aim more than anything is to cultivate an environment which inspires passion, motivates action and is conducive of joy & contentment.

As Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes (2010-2012), I was given ample opportunity to get my creative mojo flowing.

Here is an example, of sculpting reality in the form of a brain pour for a party production!

Party Brainstorm
Party Brainstorm


CARLY is the Structure Constructor who invites you to C : me (see me) Bridge Build Business Professionally, Consult Closets for Confidence & Comfortability. Write & Smile Daily.

When you don't have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.
When you don’t have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.

How to Apply for a J.O.B.

Here are examples of a Cover Letter & Resume with References.

In line with Spring I am clearing out what is no longer needed.

These works are a job  well done. So they are being posted for the public in PDF file format.



: ) ( : 

Be You. Just Live it Fully.


Our Own Life Has to Be Our Message. -Thich Naht Hanh

Easier said than done.

At least for me the Queen of  lacking in Self-Acceptance.

2013 embarked a course of Speaking My Truth.

Admitting that there is a Problem is the first step to Recovery. That IS the Truth!!

Once upon a time I threw a piece of my Truth on the table for a small group to chew on.  In hindsight, it was more like dishing out a whole box of crackers & saying  Swallow: without water. It would have behooved us all to have started with an appetizer.

The Experience impaired my ability  to move forward with those people. Even after I said that I wouldn’t.

Leading me to some very important Realizations:

  • That I have a tendency to minimalize my own hurt feelings and sadness. Favoring instead a mask of Strength & Courage.
  • My hiding from what’s really there hurts Everyone involved. Stagnating the Relationship.
  • I care WAY too much about what other people think of me. And  in turn become the harshest judge of all. EEK!!
  • **Not speaking my Truth immediately damaged my ability to grow with a nice group of people.
  • I  appreciate Drama. Sometimes go for shock value.

Over the Summer a very wise Teacher said to me:

Do what you’re doing. Just live it fully.

In putting together this blog/site I am here pondering what aspects of my Self should be edited out. YIKES!!

Going one step further– in an effort to Speak My Truth more clearly I adopted a pen name in order to practice sharing my feelings publicly.

Doing it in secret eliminated the fear of being seen as vulnerable. Or, being held accountable for them. These days I’d rather cull it all into the one piece that is me.

NOTE: Emotions are strong!! They will suck you down & in. If you allow them. The ONLY way to have control over your emotions is to simply EXPRESS them. Once you let them out they are gone.

Still, I struggle & find it natural to hold back. Which is totally okay.

Now that I have identified this as my main issue my path has moved to seek out people, places & methods of bringing about a release. Safety First.

Why is all of this apparent tangent rant about emotions important to the title of this post? Well, Thor here believes that most people hide from their true emotions. Ergo, hiding from their true selves.

Wreaking havoc. On the Bodhi & in the Mind.

This Thor knows well how denying your True Being will only Force it to fight back against you. Talk about a Terror!

The real Truth is that most people possess a greater fear to LIVE than they do of dying. Because in order to truly live one must die many times.

Humility is a harsh teacher.

Her Lessons are Always Remembered.

My Life & Being are quite indicative of the Renaissance sweeping over us. It has swept through me & I’ve now come to the realization that my very Existence was set with Intention.

For this moment, ever present. The Experience is what has brought me here.

This site was constructed to represent my Professional Self. Oh, the all encompassing Carly- from this perspective it’s hard to say which parts of me will turn a greater profit.

(These days I’m packing boxes).

One thing is for sure, WRITING, is a quintessential aspect of my being.

Please bare with me as I work to reveal mySelf Truthfully..

Welcome to the Wacky World of Carly!!

: ) ( :

Strategize!! Stepping Forward

Visualize: Living Your Life just as you Imagine it.

When you don't have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.
When you don’t have a hard structure around you, you have to be alert each moment. You must respond to the new situation before you.

It is Absolutely Possible!!

Now I’m ready with How to Guide You:

This class will cover two aspects:

1. How to tap into your self to know who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Steps on developing a structure for success.

Whether it’s getting into the groove of school, finding a job, managing your life as it is, or creating something all your own. This workshop will develop your own self-confidence. 

Join me!! To develop YOUR OWN personal Strategy for Success.

At Trade School Evanston

Next Wednesday from 6-8pm.

The world is ready for you to step up!

Are you?

: ) ( :

Transformation Cover Letter

Two weeks ago, a potential job DROPPED into my lap. The best possible job potential I have ever had the pleasure of being faced with.

Writing the Cover Letter was a REALLY EXCITING Experience. Regardless of the outcome I am Proud of my Work. So, I’d like to Share it with you Here. : )

                                    ( :  October 22, 2013  : )


Carly here, to Transform Reality, Professionally. We met on Sunday. How are you today?

Let us begin with my personal mission:

to Meet Potential

and to Move Further

Recently I submitted a Grant Proposal entitled Grounding Dreams to Reality.

In which, made a public stance as a “Transformational Specialist.” Declared a Call to Action within my Community for Personal and Communal Transformation. In order to Create our Greatest Possible Society: Individuals must Step-Up, Let-Go, & Share their Gifts. Therein lies the process…

Through out my Career I have had Opportunity to Orchestrate Events from Every Aspect.

In 2008, I began by leading groups of Trash Talking Volunteers in Guerilla Garbage Sorting Action.  Educating crowds by the thousands is how I began Networking;  now my Specialty is in Connecting!

Receiving Invitations to oversee “Greening” across the city Enabled Growth. Boosted in 2010 when called to bat for Mindful Metropolis Magazine, Green Festivals & Working Bikes. All at Once,

I was Introduced to a World of Potential and Amazing People!

While being Faced with the Harsh Reality in Light of the Economy. Evolution is Upon Us!

Working Bikes Provided a Home for my Professional Development & Passion: Weaving Connections across the Midwest, Managed a Calendar of Events, Planned, Organized, Social Media, & Booth Space Design. Caused a Notable Increase in the Number of Donations Received, Orchestrated National & International Shipments. Got my Hands Dirty!!  Co-creating Reality

Dedicated to the Pursuit of Personal & Professional Growth.

Keeping an Active Role in Community by Picking and Preparing speakers for Green Festival stages. Promoting Good Food along side GFREEV, Bot Bakery, Arize Kombucha & Edible Alchemy.

Developing a Structure & Foundation with Pedal to the People, Extended My Realm of Qualities & Task Management Abilities.

Priority Attention on my own Vitality:  Dancing Ecstatically, Yoga + Meditation Regularly.

Energy + Intention = Manifestation

: ) ( :