Blogging about Freedom on the El Train

Saturn!! The Nun of the Zodiac has positioned herself in my 3rd house.

The House of friends, neighbor’s, Communications & Short distance travel.

Saturn puts up blocks. Makes you WORK for it! Essentially, setting you up to build something. Yay!

Today, I’m riding the El train two ways. Not a typical event for me. However the forecast appears that it will be more likely in the future.

Or, will it?

I am now working as an Elf.
Elf # 3 @ Gaia’s Delights!
Which is 10.5 miles away from my beach house in the top hat of Chicago.

The weather this week has been beautiful! So, I rode my bike..Yikes!

Ravenswood has many little hills. Today, it was supposed to be cold. Which it is, sort of. If you think 30° is cold and I really don’t.

This whole post began because I wish I rode my bike today!

On the flip side of that feeling I am now blogging. A hobby project that I am always in search of time to do more of.

So, thank you! CTA redline for existing. And, for having a stop on my block.

The Sewing Rebel ladies are meeting me at my house this evening.

The Ultimate Goal is Urban Homesteading!!

: ) ( :


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