Got F.I.T.

In the month of November a Deep Diving Midwesterner set out on an adventure.  To the Pacific Northwest, where extreme challenges would test her limits in order to extend what is meant by her own personal best.

Tolly Burkan, the Father of Firewalking has now settled into retirement. Just before taking off his cap for good, Ms. Carlyle stood before him in trial.

Along with a wonderful group of fellow World Leaders.

Together they held hands supporting one another as they walked through the fire.

Quite literally actually.

Structure Constructor has officially completed the           Firewalking Intensive Training.

Redefining her role in society almost entirely.

Now Miss Carly will focus her business on igniting the fire that sits at the Heart Center– with the set intention of empowering each individual she may encounter.

Developing a platform for sustainably strength building            self-esteem.

So we may all be blessed by the success of conquering           personal challenge.

That my Friends, is truly the test.

What defines your personal best?


Accepting Avoidance

Avoidance is a road block on the path to completion.

One that we all face.

Welcome, to Monday!! It’s almost 4 o’clock and I’ve been busy the majority of the day. Laundry, breakfast, dishes, eliminating paper items. Avoiding my inbox.

Everybody has their own system of “task management.”

One fellow Enterpriser insists on cleaning the kitchen before settling into his office to get down to business. As a Capricorn Sun, with Virgo in my 1st House, I am absolutely unable to “Get to Work!” until my surroundings are clean. 

Beyond even this most basic of avoidance methods. The number one reason that drives me to my blog most frequently is the ability to avoid diving into the more serious of projects.

WHY?!? Do we work so hard at keeping ourselves away from that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Probably because we don’t think of it like that.

In terms of accomplishment that is.

(Btw. I just went & washed two days worth of dishes before jotting the last two paragraphs).

So, here is an idea- use chores to break up the heavy work. Rather than as an excuse to stay away from it.

My two days of dishes took all of 13 minutes to make clean and I wiped down the counter!

The pause from my work allowed  me to think about what was going to come next. It also gave me the opportunity to get up off of my seat.

Another way to tackle your big tasks is to break them down. For example, before selling buttons on e-bay I first dedicated an afternoon to sorting them. I also just took the time to label my calendar book to make flipping through months an easier task.

Good Luck, ya’ll!!

I’m ready to jump into what matters.

: )

Self Historicization

Carly here. With an attempt to put myself in our current historical context.
I am 28 years of age. Graduated college during the hardly heard of economic collapse in 2008– angry as a hornet.

Schooling really is watered down and lacking substance.
At my state school it was well known and accepted that the students refused to read text books. Professors had to learn to work around it. Not one of my classmates had high hopes for their future. The cubicle was calling. And, the college years were for celebrating life/ drowning sorrows.

Today, we are sitting in the midst of a square between Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn. These two planets were conjunct during the height of the sixties.
We could call our current climate a second wave. Which means more are to come.

Everyday I fight addiction. My self Love is on the rise. Still, physical desire is highly honored in this society.

No matter how well I relate to the esoteric world doesn’t change the fact that I’m working my ass off. In a what I refer to as “Argumentative Reality.” Creating what I need to satisfy my needs in this world.

The right attire really helps a person push their agenda at a party. But the right attire never seems to appear. At least in my mind. According to the outside world I get it right every time! All I want is to wear my own individuated uniform– which is much different from the uniform worn by the crowds of individuals“.

Oh! And, I am an “early degree” Capricorn. 9 degrees actually. A point that was given ridiculing attention by the Lord of the Under World for major portions of 2011-12. And, we’re not done visiting that point just yet! 
Nine is a very important number. Think of how the Germans use it. Nein! It marked the painful end before a new beginning could slowly begin. We are here now. Have you noticed? 

As a Super Special Person who is always one step ahead of the game– Pluto provided me an early initiation. The only way he knows how: RAPE

By a man who I knew better than to have as my boyfriend.

I’m too lazy to be an outright radical. Sleeping in the street & protesting do not make much sense to me. Instead, I honor Radical Self Reliance: By  Gardening & pickling. Or, by choosing to be a Figure Model.

My Love Life fits the bill of what’s HOT right now. At the moment it all still feels very hush hush. My intention however is to just Let it Out. All of it. What ever who cares. Right?

This essay reminds me of a most favored quote :

I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. – Frank Costelo 


 : )( :