Got F.I.T.

A sure footed mer-goat goes out to learn what it means to have a sense of true security. She learns that stable footing is not defined by that which sits beneath her feet.

Accepting Avoidance

Bear in mind we’re doing “throw back posts” right now. This one originated in February 2013.WOW! Since then I am able to work in un-kept surroundings in order to reach my goals. I also have more elaborate thoughts on why we avoid getting to our most toughest tasks. But for now. Read this & we will re visit the matter sooner rather than later. : )

Self Historicization

Hello!! Carly here. With an attempt to put myself in our current historical context. I am 28 years of age. Graduated college during the hardly heard of economic collapse in 2008– angry as a hornet. Schooling really is watered down and lacking substance. At my state school it was well known and accepted that the students refused…