Coffee Shop Blues

Waking up is hard to do…


Spending time at the local artists cafe today. It’s absolutely 37 degrees and beautiful outside!!

Late February teases me with Spring.

Life is a blender. Pick your ingredients. Toss ’em in & taste what happens.

On February 19th, I mailed off my latest creation to The Tribune Towers.

Making the formal request for
Chicago to Smile Daily.

I have this unceasing desire to “individuate.”

So, that I may originate. Contemplate. Get out there & make my way!!
  Get outta my way! : )

My mind opted for wakefulness last night. Now today I am drinking coffee. Slowly.

There comes a time when being self-centered is absolutely appropriate. A friend once said that “nobody dated in med school.”

Doctor is on the Accomplishment List.
In order to help others you must first help your self.

: ) ( : 


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What to Expect



Appreciated here is the brief summation of the text.

A very important aspect in the realm of “Introduction.”


Here is what we will be diving into. Does this material captivate interest within you?

This particular piece is from a Mythology text book used by DePaul University.

Chosen as INSPIRATIONAL MATERIAL for my pet project The Smile Daily.

A good speech or paper goes like this:

  • This is what I’m going to tell you
  • Listen to me. Now I’m telling you
  • Here is a brief summary of what I just told you
  • BAM!!

On another note: it is both wise & beneficial to pull inspiration from a plethora of sources. Even better to grab it from unexpected places. Go for those that don’t exactly “meet up” with your subject matter.

Let’s elaborate this point:  Your business has to do with bottle tops. While out on the town you see signage for tacos. Something in the verbage makes you say “Ah ha!” I  can really connect to my customer with that. Grab that juicy nugget and use it to your advantage.

It’s actually builds a more solid foundation for long-term success to grab what works from different areas which do not exactly fall in the same criteria as your product. Essentially, Think Outside the Box.

Keeping it authentic creates product differentiation.
Good artists copy great artists steal. – Picasso


You can check the “excerpt” of each article I post on what to expect.

May the Force be with you!!

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The Smile Daily

Invoking Faith in the Individuated American Spirit 

The American Dream has turned into a nightmare. A lack of jobs, multiple wars, doom & gloom on the daily news. People, the individual, neighbors & communities alike are in need of restored Faith.    

 The Smile Daily is a newspaper styled blog dedicated to joy & contentment. Built with the intention of pushing the “alternative” lifestyle to the forefront of society.

Its Chicago centric focus shines a light on local Happenings, Hot Spots & Heroes. Providing a platform for movers & shakers in one centralized location. Placing a spot light on what’s good, making the information more readily available & easier to find by those who go in search.

Catalyst Conductor of the project, Carly Evans, is firm in her stance that the American Spirit is calling for some love and attention.

Now is the time to begin building our own American Dream. Through the simple act of smiling at a stranger on the street. And, by looking around to find that which is nourishing, right here in my city where it is  accessible & obtainable. Let’s begin by meeting folks where they stand. ” She says.

This is more than just feel good news. TSD is a guide that will invigorate & titillate.

Unable to accept a lobotomized form of happiness TSD has a dedicated section to The Dark Side. Where we will dive deep in exploration of that which lies behind the curtain. Providing readers with magic ninja tricks for getting through the day.

This is a call to all who currently dwell underground. The Smile Daily was built for you! Here is an opportunity to peak our heads up, stand tall & show the world what we’ve got.   Because it feels so good!


Please, join me!! And, Smile Daily.


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