7 Steps to Success

Seven steps to success. Not sure who defined these first. But hey! They’re here now. : )

Areas of expertise:

My “Areas of Expertise” was taken down as a page on this here blog. This info does a good job of describing me. Keeping it as a post helps me to have it for future reference. : ) ( :

Chicago Figure Model Self Description

Keeping a short list of “to-do’s” on my desk works wonders in accomplishing tasks! I often “pick-off” my Chicago Figure Model outreach & follow-ups in between larger projects. This is usually what I have to say. : ) ( :

#in description

Carly attempts once again to write up her own Linked In Description. This one is pretty good!! Thoughts?

Members Only

Sculptor of Reality: defining my own artistic identity. Paired with an example of the creative initiatives I was able to take while acting as Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes.

What to Expect

Pulling inspiration from unexpected nooks & crannies. Paired with a brief conversation on the importance of providing an audience with key points of expectation.

New Title

Carly steps up her game on the societal platform. Taking on a new title. This one is Forever…

Life Drawing Workshop

Draw life to live drum beats on Sunday May 25th at the Ribcage from 1-4pm.
3036 N. Lincoln, 3rd Fl.,