7 Steps to Success

  1. A title : seems a bit silly, except that it’s totally necessary to give a name to what you’re doing. My preference leans towards poetic tongue twisters which accurately describe the base function. i.e. Bridge Building Business Professional or Closet Consultant. Although

  2. E-mail Signature: Include a phone number, your business title, & LINKS!!

  3. Yelp Page 

  4. Google Map

  5. Smile: even more silly than #1 huh. A smile is a winner every time! It will open doors for you & encourage potentials to move in your direction instead of the other direction. It also gives the message that you LOVE what you do. And, if you don’t than why are you doing it?

  6. Consistency

  7. Commitment

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Six Week Sculpture Pose at the Evanston Art Center

Six Week Sculpture Pose at the Evanston Art Center

XXX: Edited down my library which DELETED my photo’s in posts.

An unexpected trial & error. Please excuse the lack of pictures here.

On week four there was a kink in my neck so huge that my head wouldn’t turn to the right until after an hour & a half yoga session. Brava! 

Vulnerability is a big deal in Figure Modeling. When choosing this pose, at first I was working to cover most of my self up. Realizing later how I managed to leave my whole rear end exposed! : )

Luckily. the group I work with in Vincent Hawkin’s class are all top-shelf folks. And, they could care less about my being exposed.

They are too focused on creating my image & likeness out of clay!


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Coffee Shop Blues

Waking up is hard to do…


Spending time at the local artists cafe today. It’s absolutely 37 degrees and beautiful outside!!

Late February teases me with Spring.

Life is a blender. Pick your ingredients. Toss ’em in & taste what happens.

On February 19th, I mailed off my latest creation to The Tribune Towers.

Making the formal request for
Chicago to Smile Daily.

I have this unceasing desire to “individuate.”

So, that I may originate. Contemplate. Get out there & make my way!!
  Get outta my way! : )

My mind opted for wakefulness last night. Now today I am drinking coffee. Slowly.

There comes a time when being self-centered is absolutely appropriate. A friend once said that “nobody dated in med school.”

Doctor is on the Accomplishment List.
In order to help others you must first help your self.

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Areas of expertise:

As a Bridge Building Business Professional, my areas of expertise include:

– Establishing Alliances & Partnerships

Carly Evans at Bhakti Fest with Arize Kombucha, 2013
Lounge Manager for Arize Kombucha at Bhakti Fest, 2013

-Crafting messages for specific audiences

-Employing various methods of message spreading

-Message Conveying via. word of mouth, at events, through signage, and on-line

-Structure building, i.e. implementing methods of performing tasks

-Plan development & execution

Skills, knowledge & expertise in the areas of:

Event Production, Communications Consulting, Trend Prediction, Social Media, Fashion, Guerrilla Marketing, Chicago’s Green Industry, Organization & all around  Communication

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Chicago Figure Model Self Description

My name is CARLY!! 
Have been figure modeling professionally since February 2014.
(to name a few). I’ve also worked with artists in private, done group workshops out of homes, and have a few friends at the P&C
Very often I am told that: I AM A GREAT MODEL!  Really, to the point where I’ve begun to collect letters of recommendation to back it up. 
Sitting still & being quiet is one of my all time favorite activities. 
So, I am highly skilled at long pose. Love Sculpture!
And, have a natural ability to fall back into position. (Another area where I receive repeat positive feedback).
Usually I am 5’3”, 125lbs, Norweign white girl with a positive attitude.
I like to take pictures of the work that is done of me for my portfolio. 
Am in the (beginning stages) of building a web-site for it.
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#in description

As a Bridge Building Business Professional Carly conveys a charming personality. Her work is best described as “Grounding Dreams to Reality” where she works with others to establish solid platforms for moving forward. She has carved her career on the idea of Meeting People Where They Stand. Her primary expertise is in the development and conveyance of LARGE MESSAGES, often considered as “branding.”

This concept applies just as well to individual as well as an organization.

Fluent in the Arts of Communications & Organization,she approaches most things from a slow and steady perspective. Constantly creating and up-dating organizational systems to better match how her own brain works, Carly has spent years crafting her own calendar and task tracking systems. The aim is Strategize to Simplify!

As a Transformation Specialist she promotes a synergy between confidence and comfort. Cultivating this sense through people’s wardrobes or methods of moving through business start-ups are common areas of focus which often intermingle.

She is most definitely a creative playing in a professional environment!

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Members Only

People always ask: Are you an Artist? The answer is YES!!

Met with a blank stare asking for more. Well what kind of artist are you? I sculpt reality, baby!! 

As an Artist everything I touch is given my own personal creative attention to detail.

I do not limit myself to medians such as oils, acrylic or clay. The world is my canvas. My creative spirit manifests in a multitude of ways.

My aim more than anything is to cultivate an environment which inspires passion, motivates action and is conducive of joy & contentment.

As Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes (2010-2012), I was given ample opportunity to get my creative mojo flowing.

Here is an example, of sculpting reality in the form of a brain pour for a party production!

Party Brainstorm
Party Brainstorm

What to Expect



Appreciated here is the brief summation of the text.

A very important aspect in the realm of “Introduction.”


Here is what we will be diving into. Does this material captivate interest within you?

This particular piece is from a Mythology text book used by DePaul University.

Chosen as INSPIRATIONAL MATERIAL for my pet project The Smile Daily.

A good speech or paper goes like this:

  • This is what I’m going to tell you
  • Listen to me. Now I’m telling you
  • Here is a brief summary of what I just told you
  • BAM!!

On another note: it is both wise & beneficial to pull inspiration from a plethora of sources. Even better to grab it from unexpected places. Go for those that don’t exactly “meet up” with your subject matter.

Let’s elaborate this point:  Your business has to do with bottle tops. While out on the town you see signage for tacos. Something in the verbage makes you say “Ah ha!” I  can really connect to my customer with that. Grab that juicy nugget and use it to your advantage.

It’s actually builds a more solid foundation for long-term success to grab what works from different areas which do not exactly fall in the same criteria as your product. Essentially, Think Outside the Box.

Keeping it authentic creates product differentiation.
Good artists copy great artists steal. – Picasso


You can check the “excerpt” of each article I post on what to expect.

May the Force be with you!!

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Life Drawing Workshop

Ready to get the Lead Out? 

Don Owen Colley  http://buttnekkiddoodles.com/
Don Owen Colley

 Draw life to live drum beats on Sunday May 25th 1-4pm at the Ribcage from 3036 N. Lincoln, 3rd Fl., Walk Up

We will begin by loosening up with quick one & five minute poses.  Working out the kinks to longer sets of 15, 25 and onward…

You do not need to be a super duper  drawer to attend. 

This is in promotion of Self Acceptance.

Which is why you are invited to join me!!

Drop your name in the hat as you enter to hop on stage for Partner Poses. 

Art supplies will be on deck.
Snacks & Donations welcome. 

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Chicago Figure Model is a new division of Structure Constructor promoting important aspects of the Self:      
Self Worth, Self Reliance, Self Sustainability, Self Care, Self Acceptance, Self Assertion, Self Love & Self Esteem! 

Working in conjunction with a Return to Center through Artistic Values.

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