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Sculptor of Reality: defining my own artistic identity. Paired with an example of the creative initiatives I was able to take while acting as Community Outreach Carly for non-profit Working Bikes.

Poetic Skill Sets

In October of 2013, I challenged myself to complete Structure Constructor’s place holder website in one week. Mission Accomplished.  Growing as both an individual & in professionalism my intent is to have the pages of this site demonstrate my maturity. What was created at that time however is worth keeping on display, somehow. Here is…

How to Apply for a J.O.B.

Here are examples of a Cover Letter & Resume with References. In line with Spring I am clearing out what is no longer needed. These works are a job  well done. So they are being posted for the public in PDF file format. CommunityOutreachCarly CARLY+BentonHouseHappiness : ) ( : 


Bridge: (noun). a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle