Sitting Pretty for Young Ladies

Working with kids is really the best way to go. This group of young ladies is by far one of my favorites to return to. Currently, you can find up-dated posts of my Model portfolio at:

Whattya gonna do about the pain?

Why am I posting a picture of my boobs? Please, take a closer look. Notice the scar that sits between them. I used to joke that it was from a breast reduction. Haha!! I have super tiny tits. Funnier than that is when people believe me. As a Figure Model, I find it intriguing how…

Role Model

Confidence = Comfort is dependent on the variable of SELF ACCEPTANCE. Mars now firing through Capricorn, this Thors 5th house, has brought with it a world of young artists.
From Figure Model to Role Model. These are some of the best works yet!! : ) ( :

Chicago Figure Model Self Description

Keeping a short list of “to-do’s” on my desk works wonders in accomplishing tasks! I often “pick-off” my Chicago Figure Model outreach & follow-ups in between larger projects. This is usually what I have to say. : ) ( :