Therapeutic Environments with Alt Architecture & Research Associates LLC

Carly goes to work constructing press kits for therapeutic environments at Alt Architecture and Research Associates, LLC. Submerging herself into the trauma’s and moral injury experienced by those who have been to war. A process that deepens her own healing journey. : ) ( :

On A Mission

House Cleaning continues– this was a potential “About” page : ) ( :

Areas of expertise:

My “Areas of Expertise” was taken down as a page on this here blog. This info does a good job of describing me. Keeping it as a post helps me to have it for future reference. : ) ( :

Don’t Get Stranded

While acting as Shop Mama for Pedal to the People, I was given the opportunity to test my craft in connecting a company to its customer. PTTP is an on-site cycle service— a phrase coined by yours truly. As a budding business it was important to GET OUT into the world to make money & to raise awareness. A…

Carles Blog Bio Draft 2010

Carles Blog About Page: The plan is to establish communication structures that lead to active participation. Communication is a dialogue. Please join the conversation!

Poetic Skill Sets

In October of 2013, I challenged myself to complete Structure Constructor’s place holder website in one week. Mission Accomplished.  Growing as both an individual & in professionalism my intent is to have the pages of this site demonstrate my maturity. What was created at that time however is worth keeping on display, somehow. Here is…

Going with the flow

Welcome, to Monday! This morning I relinquished myself from a small business incubation project. Focused on produce. The project made me question my skills & ability to do “start-up.” Forcing me to think badly about all of the work I’ve put in over the last five years of my professional development. My ultimate conclusion is…