Therapeutic Environments with Alt Architecture & Research Associates LLC

What makes people is based on two primary elements: the DNA we are born with and the environment we are surrounded by.

Since September, I have been knee deep and going deeper, into the psychological trauma’s and moral injuries brought home by those who have been to war.

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing it first hand through my cousin and her family. Her husband, a Marine accidentally stepped in an I.E.D. blowing up major parts of himself and a few of his buddies.

The good part about this story is that there was actually a sniper nearby ready to take him out officially. This “accident” saved his life.

The NY Times article, In Unit Stalked by Suicide, by David Philipps clearly illustrates the detriment faced by warriors once they return home.

The more I read it, the more I cry.

Prior to running into Paul Alt (a fellow yogi) at a coffee shop, I had been focused on my artistic skill set of creating environment. Considering ways in which this could be pitched to move my career forward.

And so it is! 

Alt Architecture and Research Associates LLC is dedicated to developing therapeutic environments as a tool for healing, experiential education, and community building.

Our work for warriors, Veterans and their families has its origins in our collaboration with inner-city youth, teachers and multi-disciplinary teams including behavioral health experts.

Paul Alt has such a great understanding of what it takes to process, that I am lead to believe that simply by working on this project I am also healing my own wounds.

I am certainly being given the tools.

My one day a week, writing press releases,  can be slightly daunting since it is my job to speak the language fluently.

So to stay abreast I spend my personal time listening to Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried on tape, and watching other war films. Interesting to note, is how much courage I have to muster just to turn on Band of Brothers I am THAT SCARED of the fighting scenes.

An interesting comparison in consideration of the Veterans and what they have had to experience first hand.

If you begin to feel, you begin to heal

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On A Mission

 CARLY the Structure Constructor is:

Layla on carpet at cottage
Layla on carpet at cottageOn a mission to Meet Potential & to Fly Further. — ( :

On a mission to Meet Potential & to Fly Further. — ( :

Ready to Shine a Light on the World. Pure with Creativity.

Cultivating Stable Ground for Fertile Roots to Gain Strength.

Share your Problems. Love & Care Will Solve them.

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Areas of expertise:

As a Bridge Building Business Professional, my areas of expertise include:

– Establishing Alliances & Partnerships

Carly Evans at Bhakti Fest with Arize Kombucha, 2013
Lounge Manager for Arize Kombucha at Bhakti Fest, 2013

-Crafting messages for specific audiences

-Employing various methods of message spreading

-Message Conveying via. word of mouth, at events, through signage, and on-line

-Structure building, i.e. implementing methods of performing tasks

-Plan development & execution

Skills, knowledge & expertise in the areas of:

Event Production, Communications Consulting, Trend Prediction, Social Media, Fashion, Guerrilla Marketing, Chicago’s Green Industry, Organization & all around  Communication

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Don’t Get Stranded

While acting as Shop Mama for Pedal to the People, I was given the opportunity to test my craft in connecting a company to its customer.

PTTP is an on-site cycle service— a phrase coined by yours truly. As a budding business it was important to GET OUT into the world to make money & to raise awareness.

A common trick of the trade is to teach bicycle repair. Particularly in the off season.

Most bike shops teach an overhaul class. Which can be very problematic.

First, you need to be in a bike shop, with a stand, in order  to overhaul a bike. Then you need tools to do it. And time, lot’s of time!!

PTTP was founded with the mentality of bridging the gap between could be cyclists & their bikes. Anything unfamiliar is often seen as intimidating. Plus, everything listed above costs money. The average consumer/ cyclist does not have access to all of that on a regular basis.

SOLUTION? You got it!

Don’t Get Stranded!!

This course was designed to be rider friendly. Really!

Simple tricks & tips to keep a bike going. Including the know how to get you back on the road in case of an emergency. With a $20 multi-tool available for sale.

The class is a hit!

Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange
Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange

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Carles Blog Bio Draft 2010

 The plan is to establish communication structures that lead to active participation. Communication is a dialogue. Please join the conversation! 

Carles Blog began in the Fall of ’09 as a personal project with a few intentions in mind: to keep me focused on my overarching intentions and goals, to act as an easily accessible cure for boredom, to open myself up in order to find other people of a similar nature, and to act as an easy reference for potential collaborators/employers. To date, it’s been successful!

This blog is me in a nutshell. Most everything I get into I blog about, so it’s kind of all over the place.  To see what I’m into, start by checking out who I follow on Twitter.

Site Stats

As everything else in my life, it’s a work in progress- but it draws a decent picture. Essentially, I’m working towards self-betterment in order to achieve world betterment. Sometimes it’s a juggle between the two.

The old foundation is still being ripped up, so that the new pillars have a stronger foundation on which to stand. 

I’m serious.  I like to have a jolly good time. I struggle.

No one is perfect, if you’ve reached perfection you wouldn’t be reading my blog or any other blog for that matter. Some of what is said here is stated for the pure fact that I need to drill it into my own brain.

Sometimes I later disagree with my own arguments.

A bit rough around the edges, I used to swear here because I swore everywhere else. I’ve learned that it’s not that good to swear. Even though the word FUCK is sooooo colorful! So, I’m working on peppering in other language that ‘s just as decorative.

I do edit my posts. And, I always feel its best to have an outside editor. In this case, there’s none available. Please forgive any misspellings or punctuation errors. They usually occur in the case of changing the way a thought is phrased.

During my down time, I learn how to cook, bake, & sew.

I whole heartedly believe that food is medicine. While cooking I wonder if my attitude towards it ever causes others to wonder whether or not I am a witch. I really do dream of being Susie Homemaker!

Though in my daydream, I always have a house in the back where I can retreat to be alone. 

The word “I” is most likely one of my least favorite to use- EVER! It is a constant goal to be more creative, since it is assumed that since I am writing it, that it is my opinion!

I LOVE self expression and communication!

Graduating college in the Spring of ’08 just as the economy went KERPLUNK! Actually, opened me up to a world of experiences and opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. My career has plumped out nicely to be just that- a career. 

One that is fully committed to the complete overhaul & rejuvenation of:

Dear Mother Earth

The world of business– particularly in areas of morality

Personal SELF betterment

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Poetic Skill Sets

In October of 2013, I challenged myself to complete Structure Constructor’s place holder website in one week. Mission Accomplished. 
Growing as both an individual & in professionalism my intent is to have the pages of this site demonstrate my maturity.

What was created at that time however is worth keeping on display, somehow. Here is a piece from before. What I’m good at. Highlighted. Written with fluidity.

  • Engaging
  • Public Representation
  • Networking Extraordinaire
  • Watch eye
  • Writer
  • Social Media Speaker
  • Operator
  • Inquisitive
  • Observant
  • Strategist
  • Takes good notes
  • Backboard. For Brainstorming!!
  • Stepping Stones
  • Creative Solutionist
  • Crafty Frugality ask me about Sheboygan!
  • : )

Personal Description Written in the 3rd Person

Carly Evans likes to make things happen.

( :She is challenged by the task of pinning down her widespread career for a Linked In profile description. : )

Skilled in multiple areas of focus. She concentrates on developing systems and establishing legitimacy for the special projects she chooses to take on.
Public Relations set as a background her creativity enables her to present an idea, product, or service clearly to its various audiences.

Which she is able to pinpoint. Presentation is a personal forte. Listening is her second best asset.
This person enjoys a balance between team work and personal initiative.
Motivation is driven by the enjoyment of performing the task.

She moves fluidly through chaotic environments set steadfast on her target.
Her strongest suit is keeping calm under pressure.

I love to smile!!

**Give me your problems if you’d like to solve them.

& Check out my new blip on Linked In.

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Pro- Tip Common Mistake in Self -Promotion

Thinking your name matters.

All too often signage, postcards & press releases speak of a REALLY great event! And, goes on to name who is behind its awesomeness.

The problem with that is a severe lack of description.

Why? Is Carly Evans worth seeing in person?

If you are new to a subject with interest simply seeing a persons name does not provide enough information to formulate a decision.

How about this:
Show on Saturday! Mimes. Jugglers. Slackers & Fire Spinners!
Carly Evans will charm your pants off as its Conductor.

So many are taking the reigns into their own hands these days. Entrepreneurs.

Ego is an obvious pitfall when all I read are names. No media outlet will accept it.

And, it doesn’t do the job of wrangling in potential prospects.

In conclusion, use adjectives.
Know that what you are doing is much greater in enticing audiences than you are.

Going with the flow

Welcome, to Monday!

This morning I relinquished myself from a small business incubation project. Focused on produce.

The project made me question my skills & ability to do “start-up.” Forcing me to think badly about all of the work I’ve put in over the last five years of my professional development.

My ultimate conclusion is that this particular project simply isn’t for me.

So, ladies, gentleman & potential employers everywhere! Who needs a go-getter , project manager with a firm background in people?

: ) ( :