What to Expect



Appreciated here is the brief summation of the text.

A very important aspect in the realm of “Introduction.”


Here is what we will be diving into. Does this material captivate interest within you?

This particular piece is from a Mythology text book used by DePaul University.

Chosen as INSPIRATIONAL MATERIAL for my pet project The Smile Daily.

A good speech or paper goes like this:

  • This is what I’m going to tell you
  • Listen to me. Now I’m telling you
  • Here is a brief summary of what I just told you
  • BAM!!

On another note: it is both wise & beneficial to pull inspiration from a plethora of sources. Even better to grab it from unexpected places. Go for those that don’t exactly “meet up” with your subject matter.

Let’s elaborate this point:  Your business has to do with bottle tops. While out on the town you see signage for tacos. Something in the verbage makes you say “Ah ha!” I  can really connect to my customer with that. Grab that juicy nugget and use it to your advantage.

It’s actually builds a more solid foundation for long-term success to grab what works from different areas which do not exactly fall in the same criteria as your product. Essentially, Think Outside the Box.

Keeping it authentic creates product differentiation.
Good artists copy great artists steal. – Picasso


You can check the “excerpt” of each article I post on what to expect.

May the Force be with you!!

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