Therapeutic Environments with Alt Architecture & Research Associates LLC

What makes people is based on two primary elements: the DNA we are born with and the environment we are surrounded by.

Since September, I have been knee deep and going deeper, into the psychological trauma’s and moral injuries brought home by those who have been to war.

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing it first hand through my cousin and her family. Her husband, a Marine accidentally stepped in an I.E.D. blowing up major parts of himself and a few of his buddies.

The good part about this story is that there was actually a sniper nearby ready to take him out officially. This “accident” saved his life.

The NY Times article, In Unit Stalked by Suicide, by David Philipps clearly illustrates the detriment faced by warriors once they return home.

The more I read it, the more I cry.

Prior to running into Paul Alt (a fellow yogi) at a coffee shop, I had been focused on my artistic skill set of creating environment. Considering ways in which this could be pitched to move my career forward.

And so it is! 

Alt Architecture and Research Associates LLC is dedicated to developing therapeutic environments as a tool for healing, experiential education, and community building.

Our work for warriors, Veterans and their families has its origins in our collaboration with inner-city youth, teachers and multi-disciplinary teams including behavioral health experts.

Paul Alt has such a great understanding of what it takes to process, that I am lead to believe that simply by working on this project I am also healing my own wounds.

I am certainly being given the tools.

My one day a week, writing press releases,  can be slightly daunting since it is my job to speak the language fluently.

So to stay abreast I spend my personal time listening to Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried on tape, and watching other war films. Interesting to note, is how much courage I have to muster just to turn on Band of Brothers I am THAT SCARED of the fighting scenes.

An interesting comparison in consideration of the Veterans and what they have had to experience first hand.

If you begin to feel, you begin to heal

: ) ( : 


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