Don’t Get Stranded

While acting as Shop Mama for Pedal to the People, I was given the opportunity to test my craft in connecting a company to its customer.

PTTP is an on-site cycle service— a phrase coined by yours truly. As a budding business it was important to GET OUT into the world to make money & to raise awareness.

A common trick of the trade is to teach bicycle repair. Particularly in the off season.

Most bike shops teach an overhaul class. Which can be very problematic.

First, you need to be in a bike shop, with a stand, in order  to overhaul a bike. Then you need tools to do it. And time, lot’s of time!!

PTTP was founded with the mentality of bridging the gap between could be cyclists & their bikes. Anything unfamiliar is often seen as intimidating. Plus, everything listed above costs money. The average consumer/ cyclist does not have access to all of that on a regular basis.

SOLUTION? You got it!

Don’t Get Stranded!!

This course was designed to be rider friendly. Really!

Simple tricks & tips to keep a bike going. Including the know how to get you back on the road in case of an emergency. With a $20 multi-tool available for sale.

The class is a hit!

Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange
Write Up for the Rebuilding Exchange

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Personal Description Written in the 3rd Person

Carly Evans likes to make things happen.

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Skilled in multiple areas of focus. She concentrates on developing systems and establishing legitimacy for the special projects she chooses to take on.
Public Relations set as a background her creativity enables her to present an idea, product, or service clearly to its various audiences.

Which she is able to pinpoint. Presentation is a personal forte. Listening is her second best asset.
This person enjoys a balance between team work and personal initiative.
Motivation is driven by the enjoyment of performing the task.

She moves fluidly through chaotic environments set steadfast on her target.
Her strongest suit is keeping calm under pressure.

I love to smile!!

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