Pro- Tip Common Mistake in Self -Promotion

Thinking your name matters.

All too often signage, postcards & press releases speak of a REALLY great event! And, goes on to name who is behind its awesomeness.

The problem with that is a severe lack of description.

Why? Is Carly Evans worth seeing in person?

If you are new to a subject with interest simply seeing a persons name does not provide enough information to formulate a decision.

How about this:
Show on Saturday! Mimes. Jugglers. Slackers & Fire Spinners!
Carly Evans will charm your pants off as its Conductor.

So many are taking the reigns into their own hands these days. Entrepreneurs.

Ego is an obvious pitfall when all I read are names. No media outlet will accept it.

And, it doesn’t do the job of wrangling in potential prospects.

In conclusion, use adjectives.
Know that what you are doing is much greater in enticing audiences than you are.


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