Personal Description Written in the 3rd Person

Carly Evans likes to make things happen.

( :She is challenged by the task of pinning down her widespread career for a Linked In profile description. : )

Skilled in multiple areas of focus. She concentrates on developing systems and establishing legitimacy for the special projects she chooses to take on.
Public Relations set as a background her creativity enables her to present an idea, product, or service clearly to its various audiences.

Which she is able to pinpoint. Presentation is a personal forte. Listening is her second best asset.
This person enjoys a balance between team work and personal initiative.
Motivation is driven by the enjoyment of performing the task.

She moves fluidly through chaotic environments set steadfast on her target.
Her strongest suit is keeping calm under pressure.

I love to smile!!

**Give me your problems if you’d like to solve them.

& Check out my new blip on Linked In.

: ) ( :


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