“Astrology” Workshop February 25th

Magnifying the Underworld - facebook event (1)

Magnifying the Underworld: An in-depth look at the astrological aspects of the “Me Too” Movement.

Astrology is a symbolic language. Symbols are the language of the subconscious.

As Jupiter, the planetary amplifier stepped into the sign of Scorpio —house of the subconscious and that which we keep repressed — up popped the#MeToo Movement.

The Shadow reveals itself in order to be healed.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio is a thirteen month journey, which began in October of 2017 and will end in November 2018.
In this workshop we will take a look at current events from the archetypal, mythical perspective that Astrology offers. 

You are encouraged to bring your own chart. Once we’ve honed in on the Astrological Basics (no prior knowledge required), and each develop an understanding as to how this transit is unfolding in our lives, we will dive into a shamanic form of meditation to see what is ready to surface.

Then, with consent, we’ll bring our findings back to the table for group discussion.

Finally, everyone will be given a narrative medicine prescription so that we may write it out of our bodies, entirely.

Gentleman are welcome to join us.

Please come with your chart on hand. If you need help to have it printed, please arrive 20 minutes early with a donation for printing costs.

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided.

Carly is an Astrologer who has done the work well enough that those in need of support from sexual abuse (a.k.a. Scorpio issues) gravitate to her from out of thin air.
2100 W. Huron St
Parking: free street parking
CTA: Near Chicago, Western, & Damen busses. Walkable from Chicago or Damen blue line stops.

This event will be capped at 15 participants in order to maintain intimacy. Purchase your ticket ahead of time to reserve a spot!

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided

Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective uses a tiered pricing system for all classes and events. Please read about our pricing structure below before choosing your price.

The experiment: When given the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ in order to support others, will people rise to the occasion if their budget allows?

Our goal is to make high-quality workshops and classes more accessible for those who are in need of a lower rate. To support this idea, we ask that you think honestly about two things:

How much value does this workshop hold for you?
What can you truly afford?

Community – $10
Collective – $15
Karma – $20
Send any questions to ishacollective@gmail.com.

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A Romance Story: One heard often in City Living

Tuesday Night, enter my room, 10:30 p.m.

Rainy in Rogers Park., Tuesday, June 10th 2014
Rainy in Rogers Park., Tuesday, June 10th 2014.


CrickCrick, CrickCrick, CrickCrick, CrickCrick–

But it’s Tuesday. 

These creaking intervals & level of  creak crick intensity. Particularly, those quick crickety creaks, indicate that Tuesday is a new night to stay out. Or, to listen to music loudly.

Now, no sound.

No more creaking comes from up above.

There’s a new man! with Lucky Lady, Upstairs.

Or, by the sound of it, maybe not so much.

My imagination drifts to the scenes taking place up above me.

“Oooh, it’s okay.” Pats softly on his belly. Or, would she? Sounds more like a cheer leader than one who gives Constructive Criticism. I wonder: did her  Mother ever know any Better…

Too bad his Father never showed him how to do it differently.  He may not have known either. His sons will. Daughters too!

I am reminded of my own fleeting frigidity. Encounters such as these stand as trophies of my Self Imposed Celibacy. Not so much from the fear of being fucked. No, I wise enough!! To stay away in knowing how bad it would suck. Most likely.

Of course there was that burn of a bang which left a Big Scar. Not so sizzling hot.

Matters of the Mind…

Wednesday Afternoon–  my office downstairs, 5:20 p.m.

Grim faced old man approaches the window via stairway. Does he know about Mr. Tuesday? 

He wouldn’t smile at me anyway.

My heart goes out to the Lucky Lady, Upstairs. Not one of those men Love Her Right. Not from my viewpoint


Click click, click click. Click click, click click.           Heal click click toe. Heal, toe- click click, heal, toe, click click. Click click, click click. Oh! How the high healed heal toe clicks as the heal toe high heals of Lucky Lady, move up the paved walkway.

She should know how to take control.

How to gently coax some sort of bedroom negotiation… Why does she just take it?

Her pained, thought filled face grabs me. My gaze goes down her deep V neck. Baring her pale fleshed breasts, framed by a cotton red dress.

She is Voluptuous.


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