Astrology Basics Class

Astrology is a symbolic language, meant to act as a Heavenly roadmap for our Earthly lives. Carly is teaching two, separate Basics classes, in March. In this workshop we will learn the key components of the Zodiac. Then apply that information to gain an in-depth perspective of our personality, through the Sun, Moon and Rising…

Master Un-Packer

Pack it up, pack it in… Nope! Let’s take it out and talk about it instead. : ) ( :

Mars in Sagittarius: January 26th-March 17th 2018

Grab your towels, and get dressed we’ve officially stepped out of the Mars in Scorpio steam bath, and are  about to take a ride in a hot air balloon. Mars, the hot-blooded muscle man of the Zodiac has just plowed into the sky’s the limit Sign of Sagittarius.   Mars in Sagittarius is ultra-independent, optimistic, and confident. With Mars in…

“Astrology” Workshop February 25th

Magnifying the Underworld: An in-depth look at the astrological aspects of the “Me Too” Movement. __________________________ ABOUT THE EVENT: Astrology is a symbolic language. Symbols are the language of the subconscious. As Jupiter, the planetary amplifier stepped into the sign of Scorpio —house of the subconscious and that which we keep repressed — up popped…

Tectonic Shifts: Bring on the Eclipse

Think back to October. One door opened then two weeks later another one closed. We are all still in the mix of the ECLIPSE Season, which has ripple affects that can last up to 6 months! This post is apologetically, untimely. Still very worthy. Without further adieu, INFO ON THE ECLIPSE!

Claiming Power Clocking Hours

Carly briefly touches upon the two major life lessons posed by the current course of her career: Self Acceptance & Self Assertion.

From Fear to Freedom

A potent new moon leads to positive personal changes in an effort to succeed in self-reliance.