Mars in Sagittarius: January 26th-March 17th 2018

Grab your towels, and get dressed we’ve officially stepped out of the Mars in Scorpio steam bath, and are  about to take a ride in a hot air balloon. Mars, the hot-blooded muscle man of the Zodiac has just plowed into the sky’s the limit Sign of Sagittarius.  

Mars in Sagittarius is ultra-independent, optimistic, and confident. With Mars in this Sign, when the going gets tough, we might even just take off in the opposite direction. 

Far and away from anything that will cause us pain. Unlike Scorpio, super smiley Sagittarius, does not have a shadow.

Physical activity is accentuated. Now is the time to tone-up those thighs!! Stair step it up, or go for a run.  Maybe try out some squat thrusts. : ) 

Mars on his own, is the energy that makes it happen. He is our drive, our force and our carnal desire.   

He is the flow of our blood-stream. He needs ample direction and a true dedication to discipline.

When he’s not given his due attention, he’ll blow up in anger at his closest friends and neighbors. 

Jupiter, is the Ruler of Sagittarius. He is the biggest planet we have! He brings blessings of abundance and promotes expansion. 

Pair the two together and we have just added rocket fuel to cupid’s arrow. Plenty of potentials are likely to be presented to us.  

The trick is to FOCUS and to be sure to Follow Through.

Use the Hell Yes test!

To ensure that you don’t over-commit.

Over the next month and a half we may find ourselves seeking out some adventure travel. Exploring uncharted territories, being inundated by things that are foreign to us. 

Maybe even enjoying a strangely placed liaison, or ten, if Jupiter has anything to say about it. 

True across the board, is that where ever Mars is currently transiting, is where we’d NEED to be independent. 

In Sagittarius, that statement is written in red ink & it’s been highlighted. 

Finally, who would I be if I didn’t give you some Horoscopes 

**Please look to your Rising Sign for an accurate reading. You can have one drawn up for free at Astro. com 

Be Sure to check out my workshop on the

 Astrological Aspects of the “Me Too” Movement. 

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Sagittarius: It’s GO TIME! You have potent powers to achieve your goals. Make any changes that you’ve been dying to make. Your ability to assert yourself here, has never been better. Do be mindful of anger

Capricorn: Get out your dream journal, and set your alarm at least an hour ahead of when you have to wake up, because now is the time to connect to your subconscious. Also, watch out for all of that stuff you tried to suppress because it’s going to pop up on the surface.  

Aquarius: Community action oriented! It’s time to get your group project on. Got an idea that needs promotion, go for it. Have an idea that needs to come to fruition, dedicate the next month to making it happen. And, see what you can do about being a “Humanitarian.” 

Pisces: The downfall of this transit is that you might just piss off all of the people in power. The bright side is that there’s definitely a spot light on you. And, if you can align your independent goals with those who are already in authority, then now is the time to take the next step up that ol’ ladder. 

Aries: Self-promote your little heart out! Be wary of speculative endeavors. Course loads may increase. And, you might just be flying by the seat of your pants to some far distant lands. 

Taurus: Put on your transformation shoes, it’s time to shake some baggage loose! Things could get pretty saucy in the bedroom. Also, now is the time to go out and secure some new income streams. 

Gemini: Swipe right, Gemini! Potential partners could come swarming in. Of course, it’s good to do your part. The conversations could get heated with those you’re already close with. 

Cancer: Strike gold on your own! Now’s the time to take on that independent work load. Check your passive aggression at the door, and DO NOT bring it to the water cooler. This is a great time to have surgery, if need be. 

Leo: It’s your time to shine Leo, boldly go where no Leo has gone before. You might be at home in the spotlight, now is the time to let your creations really shine. It also might just be hanky panky time. 

Virgo: Home may very well be where you lay your head, during this transit. Or, your home like may get a bit more hectic.  You might find that you’re in a place to finally purge some stale emotions. Either way, it’s a good time to get out of the house. 

Libra: Speak your truth Libra. It might rattle some bones and shake some chains. But if anyone deserves to be heard, it’s you! Once the cookie crumbles you’ll be surprised to find that it’s a lot like spilled milk. i.e. it’s not a big deal.  

Scorpio: How do you feel about your assets? Now’s a great time to dive into those taxes. Take on any activity that will boost your confidence. And, set a limit on spending because you might go overboard without thinking. 

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“Astrology” Workshop February 25th

Magnifying the Underworld - facebook event (1)

Magnifying the Underworld: An in-depth look at the astrological aspects of the “Me Too” Movement.

Astrology is a symbolic language. Symbols are the language of the subconscious.

As Jupiter, the planetary amplifier stepped into the sign of Scorpio —house of the subconscious and that which we keep repressed — up popped the#MeToo Movement.

The Shadow reveals itself in order to be healed.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio is a thirteen month journey, which began in October of 2017 and will end in November 2018.
In this workshop we will take a look at current events from the archetypal, mythical perspective that Astrology offers. 

You are encouraged to bring your own chart. Once we’ve honed in on the Astrological Basics (no prior knowledge required), and each develop an understanding as to how this transit is unfolding in our lives, we will dive into a shamanic form of meditation to see what is ready to surface.

Then, with consent, we’ll bring our findings back to the table for group discussion.

Finally, everyone will be given a narrative medicine prescription so that we may write it out of our bodies, entirely.

Gentleman are welcome to join us.

Please come with your chart on hand. If you need help to have it printed, please arrive 20 minutes early with a donation for printing costs.

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided.

Carly is an Astrologer who has done the work well enough that those in need of support from sexual abuse (a.k.a. Scorpio issues) gravitate to her from out of thin air.
2100 W. Huron St
Parking: free street parking
CTA: Near Chicago, Western, & Damen busses. Walkable from Chicago or Damen blue line stops.

This event will be capped at 15 participants in order to maintain intimacy. Purchase your ticket ahead of time to reserve a spot!

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided

Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective uses a tiered pricing system for all classes and events. Please read about our pricing structure below before choosing your price.

The experiment: When given the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ in order to support others, will people rise to the occasion if their budget allows?

Our goal is to make high-quality workshops and classes more accessible for those who are in need of a lower rate. To support this idea, we ask that you think honestly about two things:

How much value does this workshop hold for you?
What can you truly afford?

Community – $10
Collective – $15
Karma – $20
Send any questions to

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Dream at Breathe

Let’s practice using our imaginations to get in touch with  ourselves on a deeper level, even to propel ourselves forward.

This is a very simple technique that when applied properly will
eliminate any shadow of a doubt on any matter that may arise for you.

It’s an imagination meditation fun time!

That asks you to get real in Life.

This Saturday, at 2:45pm, I will be hosting a workshop on Shamanic Dreaming at Breathe (a slack line) Festival. 


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Operation Open Heart

The process of living in the heart center.

A dedicated practice of mine for over a year.

As the Moon came in conjunction with my Moon at 23 degrees Leo, both cusping the Ascendant, I sat in the hot seat during a meditation.

Charged with channelling the energies for the group to focus.

Leo rules the Heart.

Lion Hearted! RAWR!! 

With my natal moon hiding in the 12th house, even as a little Leo, I can be rather shy.  So as it became my turn to speak, Self Acceptance, is the topic chosen & spoken.

However, my Heart spoke out for me & called in its own energy. As we went into meditation over 25 people listened to, heard from, and felt their own hearts.

Holy cow!!

Having been in attendance with this circle for over 5 years, I can attest with certainty that this was the Heart’s premiere.

Which shined a bright light on my Mission in Life:

Speak from the Heart. 


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