Claiming Power Clocking Hours

Greetings, Carly here once again with a story for you to attend.

Mars is preparing its forward motion as we speak. Finally, my fingers are ready to leap!

Mars is a militant planet which controls action! Since its retreat in February our attentions have been turned inward. Gears grinding. I keep self reminding– that we’re in this for the long haul. It’s okay to stall. Especially, for carefully planned preparation. Which is the blessing this retrograde has bestowed upon us all.

I’m here to share a bit about my new career as a Figure Model. More importantly to touch upon the Life Lessons which have lead me down this path:

  • Self Acceptance

  • Self Assertion

People LOVE me. All kinds of people, who I meet all over. Not just the ones

Thanks, Bodo
Thanks, Bodo

who get to see me naked. And, up until very recently I have been hating them.  

Unable to see the good in myself, it was an endlessly frustrating experience to have others show their appreciation. Then, has repulsion would have it– the more I hated it the more it would happen.

Until the fateful day (Scorpio New Moon, 2013) when I stripped down for a group of artists over 50. With Fear out of the way I was empowered with the freedom to consider options outside of self loathing.

Given time to sit & think slowly I began to unravel.

Along came Lesson #2. Guess what? I, Carly the Model, is in Control. 

Or, at least that’s what they would have you believe. In order to have control you must take it. And, while sex drives do no belong in a nude studio undoubtedly the human condition takes precedence over Man Made Rules.

Allowing people to cross my boundaries in humiliating. Only worsened by that fact that I am naked on top of that. Which really aids in lighting a fire for me to speak up. Yay! 

For now, these lessons are being hammered in. Time & time again.

Please, follow along as this girl learns through Figure Modeling what it means to walk a Life Path Number 11. 

: ) ( : 




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