From Fear to Freedom

This post is about humbly accepting vulnerability.


Greetings!! New Moon in Libra today, Friday October 4.

How are you feeling?

The most repetitive word in all of the forecasts has been potent. This is a potent time we are in today. Especially, around 6:30 this evening once everyone is off of work and getting ready to go out and play.

Since yesterday I’ve been noticing sirens sounding again and again.

Right now, as I typed this sentence I hear them yet again.  Fire engines.

For years now, I have been a student of Astrology. The more knowledge I  gain the more I feel there is to know.

This new moon illuminates my second house of self-worth. A potent area for me at this time since I have given up the security of a job which wasn’t suiting me in order to learn what it means to be a Grown Up.

Also known as Self-Reliant.

Self-reliance means that you are able to rely on yourself. Perhaps a more potent definition of what it is that I am referring to. Since many adults may appear to be grown up then in fact they are not quite self-reliant.

One example of inadequate Self-Reliant Dept. is a person who is emotionally immature. So rather than dealing with their emotions properly by facing them their emotions are repressed perhaps with the aid of a beer, or a toke, or a even a simple smoke.

Of course there are plenty of other avoidance outlets which may appear less harmful. Like spending all of your free time with someone who you obviously love therefore the act seems harmless.  Oh, Life!!

Today’s new moon sets off the epic transformational Pluto, Uranus Square.

Making this moon even more potent for me personally since the soul re-generator ultimate Truth definer PLUTO is sitting pretty right atop my Sun at 9 degrees Capricorn. (In my 5th house of romance, children & creativity).

The Sun is me. Your Sun is You. Sun sign Astrology is easily identifiable because the Sun has a great deal of purpose in our daily lives.

Ahhhh! My point.  This post could have gone in so many different directions …

Long story short: a very long time I was made to feel humiliated in what should have been a loving relationship. As a result I began to hate mySelf. Bad! Carly, You shouldna done that. : )

I covered my body. Grew chubby. Got acne. It was a miserable time.

One that hasn’t even fully culminated.

Now however, in an effort to grow up, become self-reliant, and learn to love my body– I have chosen the direction of figure modeling.

Honestly, I cannot wait!!

: ) ( :

** As a result of Saturn transiting my 3rd house of Communications I am now working with a funky computer. Due to this my posts in general require greater effort. Please accept my apology for a lack of links & pictures at this time. Thank you,



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2 thoughts on “From Fear to Freedom

  1. Really nice gentle and warm energy around your blog Carly, take a bow, have a little smile and think yay now what next 🙂 sincere regards, Barry

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