Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 11° Leo

On its own a Full Moon is a time of culmination. Look back six months to see what seeds were planted in the heat of Summer. When the Earth stands between the Sun and Moon, even for a moment– the heat rises, and the situation at hand may reach a boiling point instead.

The point of a crisis, is to get us to look at it. “Emerge and see.” Do you catch me?

Of course as we ride the Leo/Aquarius Axis, that of self & others.

We may be the one’s crying out for attention. Consciously or otherwise.

This Lunar Eclipse, flips the switch. Yesterday’s State of the Union Address may have us in the mindset that it is the duty of the collective to care for the individual. However, as the skies light up Leo, we must remember to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Really, let’s drive it home too. What are your own highly individual special skills that could be of great benefit to the collective? Now is the time and this is the hour, to bring that forward.

We have some lovely Feminine Astroids hanging out on either side of this lunation. Ceres, is the Earth Mama who rules over fertility, mothering and she loves to get down on some cooking. She’s staying close to the Moon and the North Node (the direction that our compass is pointing).

This triplet is calling us to step forward as the Lioness, a badass who will pounce and go to town, in order to protect her creations while the man with the golden mane lies around lazily, in the sunshine.

On the opposite side, in Aquarius we have Venus, Juno & the Sun. Together they are blessing us with a detached perspective so that we may officially say goodbye to the old loves, former values, and story titles that read “I’m not good enough” because these things are no longer serving the Glory Be, who we are to become.

Shake it off, let it go, and detach, detach, detach. In two weeks the New Moon will be here to open new doors to us. And, that requires the full capacity of our imagination! 

A lunation is a time stamp. Also considered one of God’s footprint’s. The things that are meant to come up for us, don’t necessarily have to take place at the exact moment on the exact day. The chart however, does serve as a guide for the things that will play out in our lives for the the next two to four weeks. And, even up to six months, given that this is an eclipse.


Leo: What does it feel like to have the Earth stand in-between you and your dreams? We’re all looking forward to what it is you are cooking up. But right now, it’s your own very self that’s being given the once over.

Virgo: The true spotlight is on you, Virgo. Selfless Service is the wave of the future & the new mark of royalty in the Heavens. Be sure to take care of yourself first. You are good to no one, if you’re not first a true care-taker to your own needs. Now is the time to listen to your dreams.

Libra: The Group has got the goods to get your great idea off the ground. Jump in! Community may not be one of the key things we think of with a Libra, but it certainly holds the keys to your creativity.

Scorpio: Your leadership qualities are getting a major boost. How is the public perceiving you? Check-in at home first. And, see if there are any ghosts that you can simply sweep away, before you head out on your journey.

Sagittarius: My, my things really are turning out just as your heart’s desire. It possible that you may have to let go of some trusty neighbors, or perhaps an old mode of thinking in order for you to travel on further.

Capricorn: Serious transformations are brewing, and it’s likely that you can keep some in your pocket. Either that or there’s a new romp in town and you are all up on it!

Aquarius: You are so good at not even needing the spotlight, but how do you feel now that your partnerships are calling for your attention? As the Zodiac’s star solo show, is there a way to increase your already strong net worth by sharing?  

Pisces: The real world is calling and it’s time to take those dreams and to turn them into deliberate plans for action. How can your imagination be of service to how you spend your days at work?

Aries: Well, aren’t you the lucky one? It’s not as if you haven’t worked for it. So, what’s coming up now should feel pretty deserving. The ripples and shakes of clearing the decks is nearing an end. Now is the time to build a life to your heart’s content.

Taurus: Home is where the heart is, and right now your favorite place is calling for your attention. What’s being cooked up on the home front? Your place is in the world will shine much more brightly once you have tended to your own deepest of needs.

Gemini: Your imagination might be exploding like the 4th of July right now. It’s also possible that you’re re-routing who it is your connected to, in order to keep this party going.

Cancer: You have everything you need to succeed. And, if there are others out there who don’t seem to agree with you, than take ease in knowing that they’re not a part of the future plan.

May the Force Be with You!!

: ) ( : 


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