Solving the Mystery of Wow Frequency

Spotted! At my new coffee stop.
Spotted! At my new coffee stop.

Betty Bot of Bot Bakery spotted her besty hanging on the wall while on the town one day in June.

The Lady quickly informed that she may have found a familiar faced portrait in a public space…

Upon hearing her Friend’s report Curious Carly concluded that she had just enough time in between gigs to investigate.

Off she rode! Headed west on Nomade.

As she neared the vicinity its scenery became increasingly familiar. Yes, North & Western is where it intersects. Yet!!

“This is a spot that I have come to frequent.”

Ah ha! Now this puzzle is beginning to make sense.

Upon entering Cup & Spoon, Carly found the folks to be quite friendly. Offering her water once she explained that it was too late in the day for coffee. Sharing in her excitement to be prominently displayed in a hip new space.

Come look closer at Tom Robinson’s portrait of her at 2415 W. North Ave., in Chicago. Celebrate the opening & the Wow Frequency  this Friday June 20th from 6-10pm .

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