Status Report: UpDate

Everybody smokes. 

Walking towards the Royal Café today. Where I now sit. Everybody was smoking cigarettes.

The workman outside my front door were chugging down the smokey smokes as I left my house. Drivers in their cars pulling out sticks at stop lights. Men sipping that caffeinated goodness a few tables behind me. Folks just cruisin’ on foot puff away at the stuff. My mother drags on one and I can hear it through the intercom of the telephone.

Today, everybody smokes. Except me.


** Recently made a move up to the beautiful Rogers Park, in Chicago!!

I am officially in Dreamland.

And, I plan on posting from here regularly.

I am a Structure Constructor, Bridge Builder, Closet Consultor extraordinaire. The stage is finally set for me to move forward. This is a very exciting time!!

(The woman sitting at a table in front of me has appropriately lit up a cigarette in honor of finishing her meal. : )

: ) ( :


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