Sound. Bite

People remember sound bites.

What is a sound bite?

A sound bite is a small piece of audio material.


It doesn’t matter how long or, profound a speech, movie or even relationship is. It’s the take away that counts.

I’ll be back.

Fuck you, I’m out!

Even, I have a Dream!

While this notion of a sound bite is a media concept its integrity holds True in Real Life too.

For example, my Grandfather will always be remembered for saying:

You know somethin’? I Love You!

It’s quite possible that for the rest of my Life I will only remember him saying this.

On another topic. Anger decreases an IQ by 20% (or more).

Be very careful of what you say and to whom you speak it to.

It is a true tragedy to spend an  insurmountable time investing in something only to quickly speak words that you will forever regret.

Choose words wisely   &
Create positive nibblers for folks to remember.

: ) ( :



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