Ladies Day Treat:: Aug 25th

Hey! I’ve been invited to host a workshop @ Starved Rock. Huzzah!!

Here’s the write-up:

It is not enough to dream the dream, in order for the alchemy to take hold, we must take the keys, take the step, or even take the bull by the horns in order to invoke the agents of change to take hold of our lives.

As we gather, the Moon is but a heartbeat away from full bloom, in the misty sign of Divine Consciousness, Pisces.

While Mars, the planet of the Divine Masculine stands behind her, having spent the past TWO MONTHS in backwards motion– needling his way into hot-headed situations, forcing his way into our lives, & testing our ability to act with compassion.

Anger and aggression are simply a misaligned Masculine– a wise man once said, the best way to serve himself is in devout service to the Feminine.

This particular lunation, is a hot bed of potential for inward transformation. So, let us take a moment to dive within to consider that which in our lives is in need of realigned actions.

Then, to prove to the Heavens, that we as women are worthy of harnessing the power of the Masculine– we will take smashing action!

Included of course will be Astrologically inspired conversation.

Now here is a link for more information!!

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Sound. Bite

People remember sound bites.

What is a sound bite?

A sound bite is a small piece of audio material.


It doesn’t matter how long or, profound a speech, movie or even relationship is. It’s the take away that counts.

I’ll be back.

Fuck you, I’m out!

Even, I have a Dream!

While this notion of a sound bite is a media concept its integrity holds True in Real Life too.

For example, my Grandfather will always be remembered for saying:

You know somethin’? I Love You!

It’s quite possible that for the rest of my Life I will only remember him saying this.

On another topic. Anger decreases an IQ by 20% (or more).

Be very careful of what you say and to whom you speak it to.

It is a true tragedy to spend an  insurmountable time investing in something only to quickly speak words that you will forever regret.

Choose words wisely   &
Create positive nibblers for folks to remember.

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