Sitting with Francis Bacon at Lill St. Drawing Workshop

Francis Bacon is a surrealist whose works capture the human spirit. His portraits & figures appear blurry.

Francis Bacon Self-Portrait
Francis Bacon Self-Portrait

Demonstrating the abstract piece of permanence which exists within us all.

Bacon was introduced to me while posing at Lill Street Art Center for Bob Horn’s Portrait Class.

Peeking through the pages of his biography during breaks provided me with the inspiring insights of what art can do when one is willing to let loose.

I have chosen the path of Posing in order to practice Following the Rules. 

Stepping slowly towards success. Managing my own calendar. Following up in a timely manner. Arriving to work not on time- early. All in an effort to claim my Power.

True Strength and actual Security exist within the houses which we

Sitting Naturally. Charcoal. Lill St., Friday March 21, 2014
Sitting Naturally. Charcoal. Lill St., Friday March 21, 2014

carry with us. Releasing the fear and anxiety that I have been clinging to in regards to my own body is a blessing so big that it’s price is penniless.

Keep up for more posts on what I find out as I travel down this rabbit hole.


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Sound. Bite

People remember sound bites.

What is a sound bite?

A sound bite is a small piece of audio material.


It doesn’t matter how long or, profound a speech, movie or even relationship is. It’s the take away that counts.

I’ll be back.

Fuck you, I’m out!

Even, I have a Dream!

While this notion of a sound bite is a media concept its integrity holds True in Real Life too.

For example, my Grandfather will always be remembered for saying:

You know somethin’? I Love You!

It’s quite possible that for the rest of my Life I will only remember him saying this.

On another topic. Anger decreases an IQ by 20% (or more).

Be very careful of what you say and to whom you speak it to.

It is a true tragedy to spend an  insurmountable time investing in something only to quickly speak words that you will forever regret.

Choose words wisely   &
Create positive nibblers for folks to remember.

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