Got F.I.T.

In the month of November a Deep Diving Midwesterner set out on an adventure.  To the Pacific Northwest, where extreme challenges would test her limits in order to extend what is meant by her own personal best.

Tolly Burkan, the Father of Firewalking has now settled into retirement. Just before taking off his cap for good, Ms. Carlyle stood before him in trial.

Along with a wonderful group of fellow World Leaders.

Together they held hands supporting one another as they walked through the fire.

Quite literally actually.

Structure Constructor has officially completed the           Firewalking Intensive Training.

Redefining her role in society almost entirely.

Now Miss Carly will focus her business on igniting the fire that sits at the Heart Center– with the set intention of empowering each individual she may encounter.

Developing a platform for sustainably strength building            self-esteem.

So we may all be blessed by the success of conquering           personal challenge.

That my Friends, is truly the test.

What defines your personal best?


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