“Astrology” Workshop February 25th

Magnifying the Underworld - facebook event (1)

Magnifying the Underworld: An in-depth look at the astrological aspects of the “Me Too” Movement.

Astrology is a symbolic language. Symbols are the language of the subconscious.

As Jupiter, the planetary amplifier stepped into the sign of Scorpio —house of the subconscious and that which we keep repressed — up popped the#MeToo Movement.

The Shadow reveals itself in order to be healed.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio is a thirteen month journey, which began in October of 2017 and will end in November 2018.
In this workshop we will take a look at current events from the archetypal, mythical perspective that Astrology offers. 

You are encouraged to bring your own chart. Once we’ve honed in on the Astrological Basics (no prior knowledge required), and each develop an understanding as to how this transit is unfolding in our lives, we will dive into a shamanic form of meditation to see what is ready to surface.

Then, with consent, we’ll bring our findings back to the table for group discussion.

Finally, everyone will be given a narrative medicine prescription so that we may write it out of our bodies, entirely.

Gentleman are welcome to join us.

Please come with your chart on hand. If you need help to have it printed, please arrive 20 minutes early with a donation for printing costs.

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided.

Carly is an Astrologer who has done the work well enough that those in need of support from sexual abuse (a.k.a. Scorpio issues) gravitate to her from out of thin air.
2100 W. Huron St
Parking: free street parking
CTA: Near Chicago, Western, & Damen busses. Walkable from Chicago or Damen blue line stops.

This event will be capped at 15 participants in order to maintain intimacy. Purchase your ticket ahead of time to reserve a spot!

Tea & vegan snacks will be provided

Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective uses a tiered pricing system for all classes and events. Please read about our pricing structure below before choosing your price.

The experiment: When given the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ in order to support others, will people rise to the occasion if their budget allows?

Our goal is to make high-quality workshops and classes more accessible for those who are in need of a lower rate. To support this idea, we ask that you think honestly about two things:

How much value does this workshop hold for you?
What can you truly afford?

Community – $10
Collective – $15
Karma – $20
Send any questions to ishacollective@gmail.com.

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Rebelle Bio

Carly is a Structure Constructor, whose mission is to establish, stable platforms that will with stand the test of time.

She believes that the most important foundations, are the ones that hold us together, on the inside. In honor of this, she practices strength building, through vulnerability.

Carly like’s to write “short shorts.” She is in the process of writing two children’s books & is toying with the words that will captivate young adults.

Astrology, is the guiding light that led her through the darkest hour of her life. First Pluto pulled her under, than he taught her what it really means to rise and shine.

Carly is also a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

She is dedicated to sowing the seeds of confidence into dedicated Hearts & Minds.

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On Astrology

According to Alan Watts “the body is in the soul” & ThisThor would agree. Before ever even diving into Astrology it was clear that there were facets of my personality which were wholly unique to me.

Now, having been submerged in the subject for nearly a decade, my feelings towards the matter have only grown deeper. I see that there are higher octaves and lower octaves for each and every aspect that life presents to us. And, having practiced living from this perspective, am no longer living in fear of that which might occur.

“Negative experiences” present us with great opportunity, by setting the stage for us to step up to the plate. Every hero has its journey. And, sometimes tragedy is just the ticket to help us understand our selves and our present situation more clearly.

My name is CARLY!! And, I am ready to own up to what it means to be, an Astrologer.


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A Perfect Fit

Once upon a time, a dream filled my mind, to walk through life with a willingness to literally shed the clothes from my back. Can you imagine doing that? 

It seemed like a bold tactic for enticing potential audiences to come hither, further. As time pressed onward, the Law of Attraction demonstrated that you can only  fill up an empty cup.

Knowing this has made it much easier for me to give away stuff.

Looking through a fully stuffed closet the realization was made, that it contained, three jackets too many.

Having three (for me) means missing the ONE that’s just right. Goldilocks.

Shortly after, an invitation arrived to step out on the town. And, ThisThor loves to get dressed up & go all out.

It’s true that my velvet dress coat was an eye catching sage green, but the shoulder’s just didn’t quite fit me. Wearing it impeded my upon my desire to move about freely. One bold gesture & it might bust at the seams!

Practicing Listening makes the messages Louder to hear.

So when young Lady named Raven, stepped over to me at the end of the party, gushing excitedly about my coat, my ears perked up quickly.

This was the Perfect Opportunity. 

I was ready to relinquish into her possession most definitely, no question.

In her acceptance of this gift, Raven taught me a valuable lesson. She showed me, something that I had been working on: the difficulty with simply accepting!

I mean, c’mon how often is someone actually willing to hand you the coat right off of their back. We’ve been programmed to believe that to Give is better than to Receive. Furthermore, to receive freely could give off the impression that we are greedy. Even if the other person is offering.

To make herself feel better, Raven provided the perfect counter offer! A truly inspiring work of art, that arrived in my life, just in time.

Raven’s methods and aspects of inclusion, are in-line with the very direction that I’ve been considering taking mine.

Because even the best of ideas need motivation for making the leap into reality.

This fills me with glee!! And, to think that I never would have received this priceless gift, had I been greedy, about something that doesn’t even suit me.

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Tool Book Intro

Sometimes the long road up the steep hill is what’s required of the traveler in order to see a clearer picture.

After under going open heart surgery at thirteen, Ms. Carly began a solitary journey down a long dark road.

As time went on her  feelings of isolation ballooned, so down this lonely road she continued.

Until one day the bumps and bruises incurred from walking such a treacherous path made it clear to her that she could walk this way no longer.

This realization was really quite painful. She was ready to change!

Except having been in the wild for so long had turned her into a total tangle!  

She needed more than discipline and will-power to uproot those icky in-grown habits.

She actually had to face darkness…

So, she bravely made the journey back in and has since returned a Champion!

Although the steps to success appear to be an on-going progress.

As a result the definition of Success now includes Rest.

 2017 is dedicated to building “The ToolBook for the Sunshine Lifestyle

Sunshine is “Super Human,” which means that change does not come easily, she makes mistakes, even gets caught up in the excitement of “Being Busy.”

The Sunshine Lifestyle is based on Simplicity and Self Love.

Look Out,

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Content for Canvas Chicago

Hear ye! Hear ye! 

Canvas Chicago has just added a new member to it’s content team. Her name is Carly!

Canvas is a network of Chicago-based producers, artists, writers, musicians and venues dedicated to the singular foal of exploring Honest Expression.  

Carly first came into contact with them through Primer— a platform for connecting potential collaborators.

At each event, five or so Artists are invited on-stage to discuss their project and ask for assistance. Then after everyone has been given their moment in the spotlight, the crowd sourcing begins. At which point audience members are given opportunity to pitch their ideas for collaboration.

Canvas is also highly acclaimed for their wicked New Years Eve Bash, Voyager.

Keep up with Canvas Culture, or just stay put and find it here. More articles are soon to be headed your way.

Yeehaw 2017,

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Dream at Breathe

Let’s practice using our imaginations to get in touch with  ourselves on a deeper level, even to propel ourselves forward.

This is a very simple technique that when applied properly will
eliminate any shadow of a doubt on any matter that may arise for you.

It’s an imagination meditation fun time!

That asks you to get real in Life.

This Saturday, at 2:45pm, I will be hosting a workshop on Shamanic Dreaming at Breathe (a slack line) Festival. 


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Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine is story-telling used for healing.  

James Pennebaker, a Psychologist at the University of Texas, discovered that when a traumatic event occurs in a persons life, said person is more likely (& most definitely) going to become sick over it if the event is kept secret.

Preaching to the choir, Pennebaker!

He goes on to prescribe a healing regimen:  to write for 15-20 minutes per day about the most stressful & traumatic events of your life. Practice this for only 3 days per week and study patients have proven to show dramatic healing results.

Writing has saved my Life. However, my medicine cabinet has just been given a boost thanks to a scholarship awarded by the The Kripalu School  nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains to participate in their premier Narrative Medicine Program led by Lisa Weinert. 

Here’s a Story: 

This Thor was ready & rearing to go, excited to make a break through. 

Upon arrival she had the pleasure of being met with herself. Those internal blocks. While everyone else spewed their guts, releasing their most traumatic tales into the spoken realm, This Thor wrestled with Insecurity.

Ultimately realizing a deeply rooted fear of Vulnerability.

On the first day, she listened on as someone else shared a fairy tale version of her own open heart surgery to a crowd of sixty.

That’s one hundred and twenty eyes.

See them see me.” She said inside.

Being closely examined by a crowd is common place for This Thor. This was an exception however, and even though these eyes could see less of her as a whole, what they peered into was much deeper than she was used to sharing. At first it felt very scary. Then, liberating!

What a relief to have that hidden scar revealed. It cannot haunt me now that all of these eye’s have heard its story told aloud.

 In a three minute Empathetic Listening Exercise, she decided upon how she came about her first job out of college. A whimsical tale, one that clearly defines her path as a Professional Bridge Builder instigating a path to the future.

When it was her partner’s turn to share her story to the group his voice shook and important details fell by the way side. There was a rush to the finish line.

This Thor knew not to get upset. But she just couldn’t help it!

After digesting the regurgitated tale she came to realize how the recapped story was a clue, a mirror, reflecting back her own deeply “hidden” feelings from which she had been sharing.

Narrative Medicine suggests writing stories in the third person. Professionals have proven profound healing is enabled when we simply Listen, to another person.

The experience allowed me to Listen to mySelf.

Already enabling course correction.

This Thor is truly grateful for her new story telling tools. And, for her enlightened perspective on her own personal narrative.

The story continues…

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Blessons: How an Afternoon with Syrian Refugees taught me: Not to Judge

Will somebody please call Sara?

She always does this!

Moonlighting at a doctors office.

Thrown into the mix as needed.

Figuring it out as I go. Lulls lead to writing time…

Call Sara.

I’ll be there in 5 or less.


Tell the doctor.

Long time passes. Nothing.
We’re all still here, waiting on Sara. It’s Saturday.

She’s over an hour late.

Finally, Hello!!

I scorn her face.
Do my best to look away. Saudi Princess.

Her perfume clogs my nostrils. Now I have to look away.

Pee yew!  

Do the thing, she goes to meet with doctor.

12:40 Knock Knock.

Whose knocking?!? This is a doctors office.

There’s no knocking at a doctors office.



My reason for being.  Here today at least.

A whole family of Syrian Refugees…

No ingles. No espanol either.


Who is the a translator?

More refugees arrive. Omg! Okay!!

Sara, she’s the one. She can speak the language.

Her appointment is almost finished. Hooray!

No way! Divine timing.  At its finest.

Every thing is always just as it should be. Twenty people came through the door. My manager decided to speak to them in a French accent.  The whole office snapped to attention.

Sara’s tardiness was our saving grace!

The only way we all were able to succeed is thanks to her.

& this is what we call a Blesson.

Blesson: (v.)  a blessing which duels as a lesson.

Or, vice versa

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A word, on Self Acceptance

Recently introduced to this wonder, Macklemore.

I am highly in favor of. Tithing to & ready to promote anyone who is speaking on the matter of self-acceptance. Because this is the medicine I need more than any other.

To simply remember that: I Am Enough.  

Because I can’t change. Even if I tried.

Even if I wanted to..

& I am fucking awesome… 

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