On Astrology

According to Alan Watts “the body is in the soul” & ThisThor would agree. Before ever even diving into Astrology it was clear that there were facets of my personality which were wholly unique to me.

Now, having been submerged in the subject for nearly a decade, my feelings towards the matter have only grown deeper. I see that there are higher octaves and lower octaves for each and every aspect that life presents to us. And, having practiced living from this perspective, am no longer living in fear of that which might occur.

“Negative experiences” present us with great opportunity, by setting the stage for us to step up to the plate. Every hero has its journey. And, sometimes tragedy is just the ticket to help us understand our selves and our present situation more clearly.

My name is CARLY!! And, I am ready to own up to what it means to be, an Astrologer.


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