Tool Book Intro

Sometimes the long road up the steep hill is what’s required of the traveler in order to see a clearer picture.

After under going open heart surgery at thirteen, Ms. Carly began a solitary journey down a long dark road.

As time went on her  feelings of isolation ballooned, so down this lonely road she continued.

Until one day the bumps and bruises incurred from walking such a treacherous path made it clear to her that she could walk this way no longer.

This realization was really quite painful. She was ready to change!

Except having been in the wild for so long had turned her into a total tangle!  

She needed more than discipline and will-power to uproot those icky in-grown habits.

She actually had to face darkness…

So, she bravely made the journey back in and has since returned a Champion!

Although the steps to success appear to be an on-going progress.

As a result the definition of Success now includes Rest.

 2017 is dedicated to building “The ToolBook for the Sunshine Lifestyle

Sunshine is “Super Human,” which means that change does not come easily, she makes mistakes, even gets caught up in the excitement of “Being Busy.”

The Sunshine Lifestyle is based on Simplicity and Self Love.

Look Out,

: ) ( :