Pluto initiated me into the world of Astrology in 2008, when he entered my early Sun sign of Capricorn. When I went looking for answers to my inner-turmoil, I stumbled upon the stars, and soon my guide-map towards salvation became my very own birth chart.

The long journey began down a deep dark Plutonian cavern.

My experience with the planets is more than just on paper— I actually do, have a cosmic connection to them.

Careful, if you’re ever going to try a call and response conversation with the Universe.  The stakes are much higher than one may suspect–

In early Spring of 2011, I rode my bike one night through the city streets, curious to know more about how Uranus’ transit through Aries would be– when suddenly, two taxi’s were colliding, & spiraling– glass breaking & flying into tiny little pieces all around me.

Luckily, I made it to the sidewalk safely. The one passenger went to the hospital with reported spinal damage.

Once my eyes were clear of debris, both myself and the two taxi-driver’s (each of different heritage) all bonded over God’s blessings. For that was a situation which could have been much worse for all of us.  Of course, the police didn’t see it like that.

When involving oneself with “the forces that be” the only way to reach the next step is to level up, in the world of reality!

Which is why I like to play “Saturn Says.”

Saturn, being the disciplinarian, only hard-worker’s are even willing to throw their hat onto his rings.

Much less step-up to his call. But in the end, we must or he will break your balls!

From 2013-2016 I shared a household with a real-life Shaman. One who had his own practice, understanding of, even language to identify with the mystical forces of Universe.

The weighted concepts of in-depth psychology, were basically the small-talk at breakfast. We also had a library which I picked away at.

In no other practice can you look at an aspect, then open a book to see your very own conundrums spelled out in black and white. The key to redemption is first recognition, that we are the gatekeeper’s to our own salvation.

I believe that daily horoscopes are blasphemous.

Last year, I was a weekly call-in to a radio show to discuss the planetary weather.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017, ushered in a number of clients for Carly the Astrologer. The page turning experiences as well as the people who arrived at her door, made me aware that I am  particularly well-geared to assist those in working through sexual trauma, and child abuse.

The eclipse let me know, just how deep I’d have to go, in order to do this job for real. Now, clients keep on coming! And, it’s all through word of mouth marketing.

As an Astrologer, I have been floored to learn about the terrible experiences that life has to offer. And, in the same turn, love how Astrology is there to shed deeper meaning behind life’s hardships.

As a Structure Constructor, I am dedicated to developing stable frameworks that will withstand the test of (Saturn’s) time. Here, it is my mission to build sturdy foundations, on the inside!

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