BREATHE: July 12th-15th

Well Kids! It’s almost time to BREATHE again.

This year, I have no official position & am in charge of nothing. Huzzah!! 

BREATHE Festival, or Gathering, as we are referring to it now, in order to deter the rando-drug dealers who showed up last year pushing their way through the campsites– is by far THE BEST event of ever (for me).

Last year, I orchestrated a Staff n’ Crew Kitchen with a mighty team of three. We fed 30-50 for nearly a week.  Feeding big groups is no small matter. It was a lot of work. And, an amazing way to get to know all-of-the-people.

Thanks to BREATHE, my own brand of magic has made itself aware to me.

In 2016, long before there ever was a #MeToo Movement, I promised my Sister a pond side card reading. The moment we began to pull cards, women flocked, like geese over to our table.

As each one arrived, I invited them to pick a card. And, sat in shock&awe as each one of them opened up to our growing circle about their own (very personal) horror stories.

From that day forward the thought that rings through my head is: “If I’d only known that my own “MeToo” moment would one day lead me to guiding others through it, would I have handled it any better?” Probably not.. However, given how since that day– people who’ve experienced sexual assault miraculously find their way to me, it must mean that I’ve done “the work.”

Even if it’s taken what feels like forever. And, there’s still more to be done…

We were all relieved when the last women who joined us, threw into the pot her “dreams really do come true” story with a grand of fly away finale.

My Sister, never pulled a card, or even said a word. But it definitely spoke to her…

That day, was my first time reading cards publicly. Today, I hold it down every Thursday at Shadow Emporium, in Pilsen. We definitely dive in deep over there. And, it’s the hottest potato on my grill right now. & I LOOOVE IT!!  So, be sure to call ahead and book an appointment.

This is also the first year, in awhile, where I am not leading a workshop… For the past two, I’ve lead groups into the great abyss, better known as the Dream Realm, so that they may better know themselves.

Thanks to these experiences, I now have a bit of a following… And, was well-equipped with experience in leading guided meditations, a bit further down the road, when I needed it!

Guided, at least until I decide it’s time to leave you alone to wander through the darkness..

Last year, I spent most of BREATHE in a window-less kitchen. This was my own doing. I could have abandoned ship at any minute. But, I’m so glad I stuck with it. For one thing, I now know EVERYONE. And, their dietary preferences.

So, while it feels strange to be headed towards BREATHE without an official position– maybe this year I’ll finally learn what it means to “slack off”.

Yuck, yuck!

: ) ( :