“Free Haircut. Barber’s Choice”

Two weeks ago while attending Renegade Craft Fair I saw a sign that read “Free Haircut. Barber’s Choice.”

I happened to be familiar with this Barber and thought him to be attractive.

So, I got in line and stood there for an hour.

Making a new friend while I waited.
Tanner, a Seattle migrant here to join the circus!

When it came my time to sit in the chair Doug, the Barber warned me that it could be scary! 

And, that he made no promises about the outcome.

Will you please just make me look pretty? I asked.

I don’t have to do that. He replied. : )

We chatted it up as he snipped away my golden locks. Crowds gathered to watch as a girl with once lengthy hair have it taken away– without any say in the end result…

As Doug worked I watched the eyes of a teenage Indian girl who sat on the ground before me.

Telling her friends how badly she wanted to do the same, yet was afraid. She was in awe.

Once the work was done the crowd roared with excitement.


I leapt from my seat to snatch up the lucky penny that glistened at me.

Gave it to Doug in gratitude for his good work.

Then I went away.

Pleased. Once I was able to see a reflection of me.
: ) ( :  

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