Operation Open Heart

The process of living in the heart center.

A dedicated practice of mine for over a year.

As the Moon came in conjunction with my Moon at 23 degrees Leo, both cusping the Ascendant, I sat in the hot seat during a meditation.

Charged with channelling the energies for the group to focus.

Leo rules the Heart.

Lion Hearted! RAWR!! 

With my natal moon hiding in the 12th house, even as a little Leo, I can be rather shy.  So as it became my turn to speak, Self Acceptance, is the topic chosen & spoken.

However, my Heart spoke out for me & called in its own energy. As we went into meditation over 25 people listened to, heard from, and felt their own hearts.

Holy cow!!

Having been in attendance with this circle for over 5 years, I can attest with certainty that this was the Heart’s premiere.

Which shined a bright light on my Mission in Life:

Speak from the Heart. 


: ) ( : 


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