Role Model

Here we are, the on-set of November with Mars making its way through Capricorn. And, my 5th House. MARS SAYS: Go there!! Do that!! Be ambitious about it. Where ever Mars is transiting (or sitting natally) is where there is the most drive.

Cyclops Carly
Cyclops Carly

The 5th house, is the home of Leo, the Lion. Who rules creativity,romance,children (i.e.true creativity), lovers, playfulness & knowing how to truly be lazy. Lazy like a lion. Yep! Once it’s done stalkin’.

Capricorn on the other hand is serious, career oriented, or, concerned about getting the job done, and the public persona associated with how the job gets done.

There may be an area in all of us where we are a little more stubborn. And, some part of us may be feeling the need to move in full force towards “making it to the top!”

For me, this has begun to play out, BEAUTIFULLY!! By opening up my modeling career to the world of young artists.

OMG!! I was totally impressed before by the wonderful personalities with whom this job allows me to encounter regularly. However, those 14 and under, are so much better!! (Sincere apologies to all adults, please, don’t take this personally).

While one girl I spoke with about what it means to “possess innocence” claims that her own is certainly gone given that she’s read Stephen King. And, I am very happy that she is being exposed to the world through reading, however, I can guarantee that her personal encounters have not yet met the maturity of say, yours truly!  : )

So, to put it simply, MARS traveling through my 5th house of Capricorn, has brought my modeling career to new heights by igniting my relationship to young artists.  HUZZAH!! 

Here are some of their works for your viewing pleasure.

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*Submerged in this world of young people instinctively brings my thought process back to my own personal mantra that Comfort = Confidence. 

Figure modeling has shown me how neither one of these can be achieved without  Self Acceptance. 

Surfacing this thought process were common comments such as:  “You are much prettier than I am drawing you.”  A kind hearted statement alluding that their drawing was “not that good”, for lack of a better phrase.

Which is absolutely not true. LOOK AT THESE WORKS. Each one is spectacular.

This sequence of recent experiences has further enforced the picture in my minds eye of one day dancing around a classroom as both teacher & model. Often when I imagine this the scene is reminiscent of a Harry Potter classroom & I am very old.

It’s important to have aspirations. 


: ) ( : 


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