Whattya gonna do about the pain?

Why am I posting a picture of my boobs?

Look beyond the boobage to see the scar.
Look beyond the boobage to see the scar.

Please, take a closer look. Notice the scar that sits between them.

I used to joke that it was from a breast reduction. Haha!! I have super tiny tits. Funnier than that is when people believe me.

As a Figure Model, I find it intriguing how so many artists fail to include this very important aspect of me.

In this business, folks are supposed to draw what they see. Yet, this is the first one in a year to include my scar.

In reality, I was born with a heart murmur. At twelve I went to the doctor for some common kid ailment. The doctor of the house was out that day, luckily. His stand in noticed my abnormal heart beat.

Open heart surgery was put on the table immediately. 

The second reason for my making this post today is the joke that coincided with it. Breast surgery. Woman have work done on their breasts to eliminate cancer too.

A favored sculpture student, Blaire, is a Tai Chi teaching grandma who raised her family in New York making waves through the 60’s. She had massive tumors removed from her breasts yesterday. I pray that she’s okay.

Maybe those who draw me would rather not think about what I had to go through to get the scar across my chest– as reason to ignore it.

Perhaps, it is easier for us to focus on anything but the pain. It is art class after all.

In conclusion, keep Blaire in your prayers. And, all the other woman out there who suddenly have to go through life without their breasts.

Thank you, 

: ) ( : 


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