Administrative Cover Letter

Here is the copy of a Cover Letter I excitedly wrote only to find out that the position had been filled long before I even knew of its potential.

Carly Evans says Hello!! 

To: You!! the Reader of this Blog Post,

The backbone of my seemingly wide spread career path is based in my ability to perform the much needed Secretarial duties. Though most of my work history lies in the realm of Community Outreach & Event Orchestration.

Strong in organizational & people skills. I have navigated my own way through the work world. Taking part in projects, on-sets and collaborative efforts that truly interest me.

Many of whom that I have worked with say my best asset is that I take & keep good notes!

In honor of approaching you for the all important Secretarial position I looked within mySelf. What came to me is is what it means to be a Good Secretary:

  • Is able to practice patience
  • Possess an ability to balance
  • Knows which questions to ask
  • In the face of chaos is still able to focus and to single task
  • Creates & implements effective systems of organization
  • Reads through, sifts out, and labels the inbox, leaving notes for later
  • Represents the company with dignity– at the desk, over the phone, via. E-mail & while out at events

Currently, I am responsible for the Almighty Administrative duties at Pedal to the People LLC. A professional on-site cycle repair service.

This is a part time position which I will be working from satellite in Rogers Park beginning mid-July.

Most of my work takes place in the morning. During which time I answer calls, schedule appointments, communicate to the masses through social media and orchestrate event attendance as well as our presence within professional buildings downtown where we perform fleet maintenance.

Other notables from this position are mobile shop station scheduling, command center establishment, the on-set of our Don’t Get Stranded bicycle repair class. And, the recent action plan designed to make the most of this Summer Season.

I am also a strong problem solver & at keeping calm under pressure.

I feel that my purpose is in working with others in order to establish a solid foundation for moving forward from a place of strength and confidence.

Through this I have come to into the title: Bridge Building Business Professional.

My personal professional skills are based in “image consulting & management.”

Thank you!!

For taking the time to review my application. I do hope you find it to be suiting of your needs. And, I look forward to hearing your response.


Carly Evans


**Please know that I have NO IDEA how to change the type font of this particular post to make it match up. So, in honor of getting it done. I am letting it go.

: ) ( : 


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