Work Space

Space, Space, Space. This post is all about SPACE!

As young entrepreneur I have found (to my own chagrin) the necessity of the proper environment for getting down to business!

This pursuit has taken me many places. Has even motivated me to move in some cases!

Perhaps, this could become a Category for my writing. And, in fact blogging about Public Libraries is how this bloggirl began her career. (Inspiration can come from anywhere, BAM!)

Now, dwelling lake side in the top hat of our city, Rogers Park! I arrived to town puzzled on where to get work done.

First, let’s discuss the motivating factor of getting out of the house: IT HELPS! At present, I live with a man who counsels people in the room next to mine. Receives phone calls throughout the day. Our walls are paper thin. And, my initial desk placement put me working right in-line with the afternoon sun.

Having set up a coffee table at the edge of my bed, I prefer to work there propped up by a block.

After a week of accepting my own unemployment budget yesterday brought about an extreme case of cabin fever & I HAD TO GET OUT!! : )

Attempting initially to stick within the $0 budget and began by heading off to the NEW Edgewater Library. Which quickly reminded me of what it means to be “institutionalized.” A rant for a different day. No seating near windows. Flourescnt lighting overhead. And, worse a crappy internet connection.

Now, let’s elaborate on the Public Library Problem. Not a single one of them opens before 10am. Most open at noon- which is absolutely ridiculous! Who starts work at noon? And, they all CLOSE way too soon. 5pm on Friday??

My budgetary dreams intend to cut down on police forces & open library doors.

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