Poisoned on Thanksgiving

For the past few years I’ve been flip flopping my diet, depending on the dish.

Looking longingly at my gluten-free, lactose free friends who hold composure as I bite into whatever is delicious!

Lately, I’ve been a bit recluse & feeling the pain of my indecision. Choosing more often to stick with what’s right over what tastes good. Not that eating healthy has to taste bad. It’s just rarely placed on the table in front of me…

Thanksgiving was a true test of endurance. Sticking with celery sticks for most of the Appetizer Hour. Avoiding the array of cheeses & nacho cheese dips.

It wasn’t until a cousin came and plopped down stuffed mushrooms right in front of me that I keeled. Eating far too many.

The pumpkin dessert didn’t make my night any better.

Dinner was good! I was able to stay the course with what is truly nourishing for my body.

That night I was begging for the ER.  Crappy cheese with just a little bit of white bread created a serious STOPPAGE in my digestive system!! Inflaming my intestines.

Never have I ever experienced such pain. FOOD POISONING. On Thanksgiving.

Rest assured, the lesson has been learned. It is crucial to stick  with what I know will serve my body good. To stay away from the items that my taste buds are simply used to having placed upon them.

Friday was sickly. Saturday dedicated largely to recovery.

Another thought this brings up: Christmas should be served in courses.

Slow Food

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