Organizing Accounting


A transient sun glass salesman once asked me out for drinks. As a “Yes” Lady, I obliged him for a brew ha-ha!

Most dates are meetings. Interviews are dates. Etc… the intention to get to know one another is the same. In order to decipher whether or not greater intimacy is worthwhile…

We had a gas! This salesman was a blast. I even considered flying South with him for the Winter. If only flight didn’t mean committing to living out of an already jam packed mini van. : )

Tips & tricks were shared while we drank down a coupla beers.

One that he shared is mighty fantastic!

Fortuitously for me not too long after this I found myself deep in the murky waters of Accounting.

As a small business Secretary I was excited at the opportunity to put my new knowledge to good use…


Organization is a friendly game when played with posterity.

At Pedal to the People we staple, tape or otherwise adhese all of our important receipts & repair tags to notebook pages.

Like this:


My transient friend does not have a lot of space. Neither do we!

This way allows us to save room for other clutter. And, keeps away additional pile up.

We go like this: enter into QuickBooks the specifics. And, staple the receipt.

Labels are nice too.


Toodle loo

: ) ( :


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